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Britney Spear

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I'm watching Primetime with Diane Sawyer and she is interviewing Britney Spears.

I really like Britney Spears. I'm 27 and I have all her albums. I'm looking forward to her new one next week.

Anyone else love Britney and isn't ashamed to say so?
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I dislike her and am not ashamed to say so. I particularly hate the image she portrays.
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nah i don't like her,but my 6 year old daughter does.
I think she's a terrbile role model for kids so i
don't let Emily watch her on TV cause she barely has
anything on
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Deb said it the best. I think the fact that so many girls look up to her means she shouldn't act trashy. My guess is she is vying for Madonna's spot- good luck with that.
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I agree with Deb and Hissy. Don't have much use for Brittney. If she hadn't gotten so trashy I might have thought better.
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I liked her when she first came out then all of a sudden
her imaged changed from good to bad
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I absolutely cannot stand her or Christina Aguilera. Both seem to target the pre-teen and teenage girl population, but are horrid role models. They dress and act like . . . (not sure if that word is allowed here, so not gonna say it) . . . and I'm so sick of seeing little girls I used to baby sit for think they have to have their stomachs showing to be cool. Some of them are 12 or 13 years old!!! Too young to wear a bikini even, IMO. I never had my midriff bare, even in a swimsuit, til I was 16!! (Old-fashioned, I know, I know . . . )

Seriously, they are providing a very unbecoming image of womanhood for girls to look at. It makes me mad. They should use their fame for something positive.
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I don't like Spears or Christina at all. I am ashamed to say, IMO, that their music is non-talent. I do like Madonna's music, but I don't care for her image very much. Just my two cents!
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I think Christina has an amazing voice but she's ruining it with her trashy image. Britney, IMO, doesn't have much going for her besides a great pr/marketing team.
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I'd have to agree with Deb and annabelle - I dislike Britney, and her trashy image. Unfortunately, she has no talent but does have a good marketting team. Christina has a wonderful voice, but she also needs to invest in some more covering clothing. Just my opinion.
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This is my opinion, and it is just that.. an opinion.

I think the biggest issue I have with both Britney and Christina Aguilera is the fact that they have absolute zero class. None, nada, zip, zilch. On top of this they are rich and famous and have become idols to todays young women. Thus the young women of today society think having no class is 'cool', or that they are just 'being themselves and "keeping it real"'.

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I'd like to think not. I'm only 21 years old. I take pride in myself as a person and how my mother raised me. I have my faults (procrastination is a big one! LOL), but I like to believe I have at least some class. I would never in my life dress like they do. Heck, even if I had a figure like they did I wouldn't wear mid-drift clothing. It's tacky to me. I prefer to dress like a lady.

I'm also a firm believer that you get the respect that you give yourself and that you portray. A classy lady that is dressed well will 80-90% of the time be shone respect by a complete stranger upon first meeting. That says something.

So no, I don't like Britney or Christina. Although Christina has a stunning voice I refuse to buy/spend or promote anything they represent.
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OK I don't like Christina. I think you can catch crabs from her by looking at her picture. But I like Britney. I guess I'm the only one on this forum that does.
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Originally posted by Deb25
I dislike her and am not ashamed to say so. I particularly hate the image she portrays.
I agree, although I don't dislike her as a person, I don't know her to decide. I don't think she has that much talent, and she really looks like a tramp most of the time.

I think Cristina Aguilera has an amazing voice, but her image is trashy, too.
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I used to be ok with Britney, didn't really go out of my way to listen to her, but could tolerate it. Now- shes suddenly lost any sense of class she ever had. Shes making a desperate move to save her career by doing this Madonna thing- IMO.

Now Christina- THAT girl has major talent. I'm not so much for her image, it is trashy. I do have to say though, that she appears to live what she portrays, she never claimed to be a 'good little girl' like Britney did. I feel bad for the little girls who saw Britney as an idol only to be exposed to what shes showing the world now.

If you listen to the song 'Beautiful' by Christina, there's no denying the talent there. She has amazing vocal range and control, and the lyrics mean something.
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I like her alot, on stange she is a total different person then she seems to be in "real life" She is very pretty, I like her voice, and she seems like a truly nice person. She also didn't have it easy growing up with I think is a good way to imspire girls that they can be anything. Yes, she does dress too sexy on stange but it is not her fault that that is what sells.

I HATE christina. She looks sooooo trasy, and just doesn't seem like a nice person at all.
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Here is my take on Brittany.

I don't particularly like her music ( I'm not a pop fan), but she has talent. She can dance very well, and has a good voice I think.

What everyone here is forgetting is that she is an entertainer. Sure, she is a role model for young girls, but that isn't her primary job. Her job is to entertain....she performs not only for young girls, but for men, women, and all walks of life. There are dozens of artists who have a 'trashy' image, yet young girls like them. Christina can sing fabulously, yet appears to be 'risque'. So what!! That is her style, its her perrogative, its a free country.

I think people who speak badly of her are being too harsh. She is a hollywood superstar....she is not your childs nanny. If you don't like what she wears, or what she says, then don't let your child watch her. If you child is of the age that is still impressionable, than you should be censoring what she watches and listens to.

This is America, people can dress, say, dance, sing, however they like. If you don't like it, then don't buy their records, or go to their concerts. I think its safe to say by the money these girls have made that a lot of people DO like them.
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I don't have much use for them. There music is OK...their image is not. I'm a huge Madonna fan, whom I suppose is the equivalent to Brittany and Christina for my generation (I'm 34). I'm not impressed with her image, either.

As an individual listener to them...I don't care what image they portray. As a mother who is having problems with her 12 year old girl, I really resent the fact that they portray the trashiest image they can come up with. They and others of their like, have a HUGE impact on young girls. My daughter wishes she could be just like them, dress just like them, etc. How is a MOM to compete with that?

I wish those young entertainers would just realize what a huge influence they have on young impressionable girls and portray a healthier image to them. They have both the power and the influence to do good for girls. If they portrayed a healthier image, girls would try to emulate that, as well, if it was coming from them.

I'm on a role about this, because I'm a Mom struggling with a pre-teen. I try to teach her right from wrong. I try to be the best parent and influence that I can. Her father does the same. How can we compete with the trashy media influence that is all over the TV and airwaves? It's hard. I can limit her exposure at home,but, I cannot limit what she hears at school from her friends. It is an endless battle. Almost everything that the media portrays is not anything healthy for young kids.

I am a FAR cry from conservative. My views are actually quite liberal. But, to me, the stuff that goes on and is allowed nowadays is unbelievable. I cannot believe all the cr*p on TV. It is just that...cr*p. I find very few, to almost no TV shows that a family can watch together. They are all full of innuendo, disrespect to families and parents, etc. etc....

I'm ranting and raving...so, I'll shut up...lol.

Just my Two Cents!

Cindy W.
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Deb said it best for me. Her and Christina both make me sick
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The best way to protest against someone, be it an actor, musician, entertainer, whoever is with your pocketbook. It sounds like that is what everyone here is already doing.

Part of the reason that they are imaged that way is because it sells. It's no accident that they are positioned (no pun intended) the way they are in the media. Sex sells.

I don't think it's up to Britney Spears to project a wholesome, clean image. She is a person, who like everyone other person in this country who has the choice to wear what she wants to wear and act the way she wants to act. While it would be nice if she decided to temper her image for all her young fans, I don't blame her for not. She's not intentionally targeting kids, and if she could she would cut out that fan base and go directly after the older demo who has a disposable income. Most artists don't target the tweens, they want the folks who don't have to ask for permission to buy something. but you can't help who decides to like you or your music. she's doing her thing, and trust me, if the $$$ wasn't there and rolling in, she would change her thing to tap back into the cash flow. when the sexy vixen thing stops working for her, she'll switch it up in an attempt to keep the money coming.

There are people around britney who cultivate her image, who point her in the direction to yeild the most $$$. I'm not saying it's not britneys choice to dress how she does, but there are folks around her encouraging her to project the image that she does. Check out the cover of her first album, no sex kitten there. Someone along the way guided her career in that direction and encouraged her to go that route. She was 15 and her mother was very involved in her career. she was turned into the sex symbol along the way. We've seen her evolve. her first video, while visually stimulating and sexy, in her school girl catholic outfit, at least it covered her up. and she actually wears like a tank top and warmup pants in some of the shots. She's come a long way from that.

I don't have childern, so maybe the negates my opinion, but I while I don't love the image that britney and other like her project, I feel they have the right to project any image they want. They are entertainers and have never claimed to be anything else. I expect more from politicians, or anyone who is in the spotlight because of their position to serve the public. There girls sing and dance. they aren't trying to change the world or make it a better place.
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I agree with Colby on this one.

The other thing to realize with both Britney's and Christina's image is that while their fan base has stayed in the tween to teen age, they have grown up. What 22 year old would want to dress like they did when they were 15??? They are maturing and exploring themselves. They are also trying to project a more "mature" image to attract fans who won't lose interest in a year or two. Both of them are looking for longevity in their careers, and solely catering to the 12 year old girls pretty much guarantees that your career will be over in about 3 years. (Note: New Kids on the Block, *nSync, etc. who were targeted at tweens and young teen girls.)

Personally, I like Christina better than Britney simply because she seems to have more of a social conscious (like the song Beautiful). She doesn't limit the people in her videos to the "beautiful people". She has normal people in them - thin, fat, pretty, ugly. And she makes no excuses about who she is, that she is growing up and she is exploring her sexuality in her songs and her image.
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My criticism is based on the quality of their performance. I think that both of them dress like tramps, but that is because they are creating a media image that sells. I don't like it, I don't buy anything endorsed by them, but we can't say they shouldn't do that when millions of people "buy" the image, literally.

However, I think that Britney has sacrificed real singing talent and hard work for that image. She does not sing well. She does a very energetic stage show, but she is not an exceptionally good singer. Christina, on the other hand, has a great set of pipes, and uses them well.

So all other factors aside, I don't like Britney at all, and I admit, grudgingly, that Christina has talent that should take her far

Of course, Madonna doesn't sing well either. Better than amateurs, of course, but she is pretty weak compared top her peers.
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I like a couple of her songs, but I'm not fond of her or the person that I think she is, even though I don't know her personally. First of all, I think that she wants people to think that even though she is trashy acting on stage, that basically she is a "good" girl. I think she is just as trashy off stage as she is on stage, and I think that she's totally IN LOVE with herself.

I also agree that she is probably hoping to take Madonna's place. Madonna at least has real talent, and Madonna is an original. Britney is just a poser.
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Originally posted by Sammie5
Of course, Madonna doesn't sing well either. Better than amateurs, of course, but she is pretty weak compared top her peers.
I LOVEEEEEEEEEEe Madonna and think she has an amazing voice. Alot of her songs do not show her true talent.
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I think Britney is talented. Yes she dresses sleazy MOST celebrties do. No i don't like Christina i find her attidude to be very snobby. As for Madonna all i'm going to say is shes a mother and she should be ashamed.
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I agree with Daniela - if you don't like 'em, don't buy em.

I don't have to worry about that, I can't hear them!
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Her music is fine. I don't really mind it, but she's a ditz and extremely immature. That other gal, the one on the Newlyweds show is just as bad. I can't imagine willingly being so inane in front of millions!

BTW, when she first made it really big I had a much higher opinion of her than I do now. Her publicist should keep her from interviews.
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i can't stand Britney...if it's not bad enough that she's trashy and can't admit it ( i was TRICKED into doing those sleazy photo shoots, i swear! i'm never doing another one... OOPS! look what i just did again), she also was horrible to a friend of mine so for people who think she's a sweetie: she's NOT. LOL...i seem to know a lot of people, but a good friend of mine works for Clear Channel Communications, and for awhile back about 3- 3.5 years ago was Britney's webmaster. She was always nice enough to him then, but when she came to town for a performance, he bought her some presents and while she was far from OVERTLY b*tchy, she blew him off. as soon as she saw what he looked like she no longer bothered to be nice to him. (i had the opportunity to go with him and wish i had just to deck her!) needless to say, he ceased to be her web master and moved on to projects for Mandy Moore. but he has photos of himself with Britney, Mandy, Jennifer Love Hewitt (who is supposed to be really nice!) and with his job works with celebrities all the time. he helps morning shows improve to hit their target audiences and talked to Sinbad once about not alienating his female listeners so much. it's crazy. but because she was so nasty to him, i will NEVER EVER like her and think she's the world's biggest *****. because he is the SWEETEST guy, literally a big walking teddy bear. and get this: he's only 20 and already does all of this. it's just amazing and mind-boggling and times!!

as for Christina, while i don't like her image, she's never pretended to be something she's not, so i really don't have any problems with her if i ever find out she abused my friend though, you can bet i'll be changing my tune.

that's my two cents on the topic.
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Some people just don't realize that you've got to treat the "little" people right on the way up because they'll be the ones squashing you on the way down.

Some celebs are all around good people. Like Micky Dolenz from the Monkees. He's just a good guy. Friendly, funny, and likes people. I was really impressed with him when I met him.
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I deal with a lot of celebrities in my job. It seems like the people who have been big stars for a longer time, and who are truly talented are nicer than these fly by night little pop stars. I've dealt with everyone from the late Gregory Peck, to Mirah Carey to these young pop stars who think they are more important than God Himself. You can just tell by the fake phoney smile on Ms Spears plastic face, that she's about as sweet as sauerkraut.
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I meet a lot of celebrities for my job, and I've had some extremely wonderful experiences and some really $hitty ones as well. Everyone has bad days, and unfortunately when you're a celebrity, if you have one, everyone is going to hear about it.

I can't imagine what it's like being BS, being a star since 15, never really having a real childhood, being surrounded by 'yes' men who tell you that you hung the moon and would never give you a dose of reality when you need it, living your life under a microscope and having folks go through your garbage, having to question everyones motives, are they nice to you because they really like YOU or for the perks. She lives in a world most people could never imagine.

I don't know how I would act if I had more money than I could spend in my life, everyone kissing my A$$, and all the trappings that come with international fame and fortune. I'd like to think I'd still be a decent, considerate and humble human being, but really, who's to say? It's a moot point, because these things will never happen to me, but I try and keep it in mind when reading about the JLOs, BS and CAs of the world.

I think most of the stars of the world are just like us, dealing with similar issues on a grander scale, with some extra worries that those of us who live in anonomity don't have to worry about. They have good and bad days. They don't always carry themselves in the most responsible and mature manner and sometimes they aren't very nice. I can't say that I'm always proud of my own behavior and that I've always been as good of a person as I'm capable of. Not to say that there aren't some geunine $hitballs out there, cause there are, just as there are in every other walk of life.

I don't love all of BS music, but I think as far as entertaining goes, she's one of the best. She's got amazing charisma and presence on stage, and that girl can dance. She's more sizzle than steak, but it's worked for her.

Now I could tell you some stories about CA that would curl your toes, but I still like her music and can't dispute her talent. I think she's still finding her way. Maybe when she gets there she'll be a nicer person.
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