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Phones don't swim!!!!

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Ack! My cell phone got an unexpected "bath" this morning while I was doing the dishes. I dropped it in a pot of water!!! Well, it got all messed up, etc. I was sooooooo afraid I had lost all of my phone numbers I had stored in there! Well, I went to the Verizon Wireless store first thing after work, and they dried it out for me. I was so sure it was ruined.

But, it works!!!! For now, at least, I'm still afraid it's going to short out on me, but it's the first cell phone I've ever seen not die completely from being submerged in water! I desperately need it to work tomorrow, I have company coming from out of town, and the only way they have to reach me if they get lost during the day is my cell phone. I would have bought another phone, but they were all soooo expensive, so I decided to risk it. A new phone is definitely on my Christmas list, though! LOL!

So, the moral of the story is, don't do dishes and talk on the phone without a headset!
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i agree with u viva, never seen a phone that still works after swimming in water....
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Oooops, you mean they DON'T swim?!? Geez, I got panicked for a sec myself, thinking that you'd lost the numbers and lost the use of the phone. That's some phone. AND it reminded me I'm in the same boat, so I'm going to go store the numbers in another location. Too many numbers to lose.

How nice of Verizon, we use them too!
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Hubby's cell phone goes swimming all the time (he's in plumbing) and not always in the nice stuff (gick!). He just rinses it and dries it out and it starts working when it's fully dry.
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OK, well, I ended up getting a new phone, after all. The display on my old one stopped working last night. *sigh* On the upside, my new phone is really cute! It's about the size of two tubes of lipstick laid next to each other.
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That's horrible design if you ask me. (That it's not waterproof).
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Sorry to hear it pooped out on you...dang those unexpected water baths!

Sounds like you got a cute new one to replace it, though.
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A friend of mine had hers clipped to her belt and the first day she had it, went to the restroom and *plop* it hit the toilet. Hers died on hers instantly.

Nope, phones certainly don't swim, no they don'!
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