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litterbox followup help

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update: we took our cat to the vet, and it turns out she is perfectly healthy, especially for a cat of her age. read below for the rest of the story, and please offer any advice you can! Also, shes not just urinating, if you know what i mean.....

i have a calico tabby mix, who is about 8 years old. about 2 months ago, we moved her litterbox from under a large sink in the laundry room, to a enclosed plywood box in the garage. she walks through a kitty door in the wall to get through to it. one side has a peice of trellis for ventilation and light. for these past 2 months, it has been perfectly fine with her once we showed her where the litterbox was. these past 3 weeks or so, she has not been using her litterbox, but rather our dining room, and living room. we have covered our entire dining room floor with aluminum foil to stop her from goin in there. she has had numorous past accidents in that room, even before we moved her litterbox. i think it was because the people in the house before us had a dog. also, we changed her litter to a different brand, but then changed it back to her normal brand. any ideas on how to stop this problem, becuase right now she is not using her litterbox at all.
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The only thing I can think of is bringing the box back where it was befor and see if she is using it again . Then maybe slowly move the box where you want it to be .Or just leave the box there and don't move it in a different place . Sorry not much help here .
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Well, I heard that some breeders who litter train their kittens do this: Put food, water, and a litter box in a room. Close the cat in that room for a night or a day. The cat should figure out that it should use the litter box.
I'm not sure if it works or not, but one of my friends was told that by a breeder. Hope it helps in any way.
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Click here for many many ideas on how to stop inappropriate urination.
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