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Someone said they liked Highlander

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Highlander is now on SpikeTV (the man's channel). The one with Adrian Paul. AND THEY'RE SELLING SEASON THREE! AND SHOWED A RECENT PIC OF ADRIAN!!!!!! HA! Man's show!

Give me Adrian, give me hubby, give me my cats and I'm a happy woman.
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Who is Adrian? What is Highlander? A show? Yes, I know, I was raised in a box . . .
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Now That is one good looking man..... I love the Highlander series.
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Originally posted by blondiecat
Now That is one good looking man..... I love the Highlander series.
Me three!
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ummmhhhh highlander Me like highlander!
Adrian Paul what a hunk.
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**Droooooling** What a nice pic of him....I liked the series also. Awww, don't have cable, so will miss out on the reruns.

Viva, the show's about this guy Duncan MacLeod, who's part of some immortal race, and he's lived a long long time. "There can only be one." So everytime he meets one of his kind, he ends up killing him, and taking the life force. That makes him stronger. But living in this present time, he's a good guy that tries to help out the mortals.

Hope I remembered this right, someone else can put more detail on it.
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I like the Highlander series. I have season 1 on DVD and I have seasons 2 and 3 on my wishlist. I didn't think season 3 was being released until November 18th though... maybe SpikeTV is getting a special release date or something.
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OH MY - I always loved Adrian Paul *drooooooling heavily*
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ME whatever! I love Adrian Paul. He can put his shoes under my bed anytime he wants...lol Of course, he won't want but I can dream.

Kittywarden, can I have that picture(sigh)?
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Ooooooooohhhh Baby! That man is just toooooo HOT! The single most gorgeous man I've ever seen!!! (Well, except for my hubby, of course!) He is mmmmm-mmmmm-good!

I just noticed the other day as I was flipping past the channels that I thought I heard his distinctive voice...ahhhh...there he was...Adrian

I'm loving the fact that it is back on TV...now, I'm going to start watching it all over again! Yeahhhhh!

Cindy W.----->mega Highlander and Adrian Paul fan!!!
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It's on again! Heh, heh, heh.

I'm showing it to hubby!

Adrian's a computer geek on this show! LOL!!!!
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That has always been one of my favorite shows. I really like the long, loose hair, white horse, and kilt episodes.
Did you know they sold his ponytail on eBay for charity? They got some obscene amount of money for it. I forget what the amount was.
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Yuck, that seems a little gross. Buying someone else's ponytail?

But then I don't even like handling the human hair pieces they used in my hairdo for my wedding so I tossed them.

Oh, and hubby wasn't impressed with the dude.
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I don't mind you getting a copy of that picture. Have fun just don't short out your pc with all the drool.
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