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Crazy Weather!

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The wind has been blowing fiercely all day here. According to WeatherBug, we've had 63 mph and 67 mph gusts tonight, and our "average" sustained winds have been 21 mph. There are trees down and power lines out in the counties around Philadelphia; we've been fortunate (knock wood) that our power is on and our trees are behaving. They are calling for possible flurries tonight! (Noooooo!)

I heard about parts of Los Angeles county getting 5" of hail today! And parts of Michigan have gotten 8" of snow, with 40-50 mph winds!

What's your weather like tonight?
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We had your winds yesterday - blew down a lot of branches that have been hanging on since our ice storm 2 years ago. Steve picked them up this morning and we will have to do another burn pile over the weekend. Today was chilly (45) but sunny.
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Hey sue I'm in pittsburgh and all of our stuff is gone!! Our outdoor laterns have all broken, trees are falling down, and there are snow squalls now and then that are freaking me out! A lot of power was out earlier but I'm not directly in the city so it didn't affect me, thank god, I can't imagine not having heat especially in these old drafty houses around here. My cat who is outdoor at heart keeps begging to go out, then as soon as I open the door and he is hit with a gust of wind he runs back in lol! You know it's bad when roxygo doesn't want to run with the misfit cat crew.. I tried to get his brother to come to me today, he was bedded down by my house, but of course when he saw me he ran. I wish I could at least get him into the garage tonite, it hurts my heart that the poor baby is out there cold and probably terrified He sleeps on my grandmas porch so she set up some blankets in a box, I might do the same at my house just incase he comes up here.
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Hi, I live in California and the weather here is fine. Not very cold, barely any wind and sunny. It rained last week, but now the weather's pretty nice. Wow, there's really some winter weather where you guys are. Sounds pretty scary.
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Here is Middle Tennessee we are due to have our first hard frost tonight. It's suppose to go down to 28 degrees. Brrrrrrrrr. Yesterday our high was 74 degrees and then the front came through with the high winds and the cold air. It was scary as the front passed, everything was blowing horizontal.

November has traditionally been a bad month for weather here. Last November we had a tornado that killed 6 people in November, followed the next week by an ice storm that broke trees and blocked roads. The year before that we had a flood that flooded our creek and kept us locked in the house for three days.

I'm always wary of November.
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Yikes! A 46 degree difference in 24 hours!

Better snuggle with the kitties tonight!
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I just IMd my buddy in Carlisle and he has already lost a tree in his yard. He says the winds are blasting in the 60s there now. Good luck to all you, may your trees be spared.
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I have been chilly all day. It was 32 degrees and windy today. Mike decided to spare me getting even more chilled and went out to feed the horses tonight. He slipped on an icy patch and fell into the hay cart! He racked his knee up pretty good. I felt so bad, I should have done it, at least my muck boots have good tread on them.
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Tonight it's about 25 degrees and calm.

Tuesday was just beautiful!!!!! It was about 60 degrees and sunny. On the news that night, they even showed some people out jogging wearing shorts! Wednesday we had a winter storm, with rain first, then really wet slushy snow, followed by very strong gusty winds later in the day. The constant change in the weather here is just too much for me...I would really like to live somewhere that has a nice stable climate.
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Hissy-I'm sorry to hear about the bad weather. I'm just curious about one thing: you own horses? I'm a horsecrazy, but don't own my own horse, just ride one 3 times a week.
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snowing,cold,I hate it!!!!
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It's about 46 outside right now! Yummy cold! In here in the guest room is 75.4...nice and cozy. I love the atomic clock! It's about an hour past my bedtime, so I think I'll go crawl in bed now...yikes!!
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We're having the same crazy weather you are Sue. High winds that are really cold, and we had flurries earlier. It was like this last night as well, so it's been going on for a good 24 hours. I need to go grocery shopping, but I can't see trying to drag in my bags in this wind - I can barely stand upright by myself out there!
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