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What do you prefer? Hot or Cold?

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What weather do you prefer?
Hot(Aka summer spring)
Cold(Aka fall winter)
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I am a Spring person. Love the days getting warmer to the point you don't need a jacket, watching the trees bud and then blossom, all the birds coming back and the baby bunnies in the yard...

I like the weather in autumn, too, but I hate to see winter approaching, so that kind of spoils it for me.
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But if I have to choose between just hot or cold I'd choose cold because it's easier to pile on the covers and clothes than it is to take it off.
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Good point, Ericka! And having a bunch of cats trying to cuddle with you is much nicer when it's 30 degrees outside rather than 90!
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I am totally a warm weather person! I was the opposite growing up, but now I'm ALWAYS cold! They all make fun of me at work for wearing sweaters and sweatshirts in the middle of summer!!!
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I like the warm weather and spring is my favored time in the year . Only here in georgia it never stay spring for a long time . So between 70 and 80 is just great for me .
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I like cold weather best. I don't like ice though.
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I like cool weather.. cool enough for a sweater but not cold enough for a coat.. I'm not a heat person at all..
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My favorite time of the year is late spring/summer. That's when the flowers are blooming, and everything looks so fresh and pretty. I don't mind fall if the temperatures stay mild, but winter where I live is just too cold and too long.
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I love fall...the air is not hot or cold it's just right
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hot is easier to cool off than it is to warm up in cold weather. I detest winter
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I'm definitely an in between girl. I don't like it too hot nor too cold. Spring and Fall are my favorite times of the year!
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I like cold weather way better than hot! I have this awful fear that I am going to die some place out in the open, and I figure that at least if it's cold out, I'm going to die with clothes on! If it's too hot you know, and you know there isn't anyone else around for miles and miles, you will be more tempted to go naked, whereas if it's cold out, no way are you going bare! lol (Yes I have some weird fears.....that's not the only one! lol) Also when it is warm out, there are so many bugs and little creepy crawlies, and I don't like them! Anything like that, I don't like! So winter is better for me definetly! lol
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I voted in between. I can go to the beach and swim in warm water,and sit on the sand without getting roasted!
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Not quite cut and dried enough for a vote -- at least not for me.

My favourite season, without a doubt, is Spring -- the reawakening of everything will always be special for me.

I do love Summer, but sometimes find the heat oppressive (it's said of some people that they have ice water in their veins -- I take after my Dad -- we have live steam in our veins!)

Fall brings a return to more comfortable temps, and is quite beautiful, but it does mean Winter is coming, and with it rain and/or snow, depending on where you happen to live -- definitely my least favourite season.

In terms of hot or cold, without specific reference to seasons, I'd definitely say cold, because you can always put more clothes on, but there's a limit to how much you can take off ...and I do feel the heat.
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I hate cold and snow, but I live in Canada. That is really the only thing I don't like about Canada.
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I absolutely love the Fall - the changing leaves in my area are GORGEOUS! Plus it means the beginning of the amateur hockey season in my town- my brother in laws play, so its a lot of fun to go watch them. (I just watched a game last night and they WON!! Yay!! Go Flyers!! )

I love summer here too- because we live so close to the beach, but this year we had such a WET summer There was a record 35 straight days of fog) So, September was our sunniest, warmest month of this year!

Our weather is so unpredictable here in Nova Scotia. My hubby is originally from Calgary, Alberta- and he LOVES the winter and snow! Since he loves it so much I make him shovel, start my car, etc
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I love the fall best also, but I voted cold because I really, really don't like hot!
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I would love to live in a place where the day time highs ranged from 72 to 78 degrees and the night time lows were about 60 degrees. The problem with this is that there are very few places in the whole world....if any.....that would fit the bill. Wouldn't it be great to live some place where you would need neither a/c nor heat in your house??

This is one of the reasons I know there is a greater power in the universe than ourselves that is testing us here on Earth. Life is a struggle and nothing comes easy....even living in a comfortable temperature. Think about it.
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I don't like it too hot or too cold. But I go through it every year!

I love Spring and Fall - Time to go shopping for new clothes!
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Definately prefer cold weather. I'm from Oregon, where it's perpetually overcast and cool. Now I find this kind of weather very comforting (though these days are rare in California!).
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Can't say I prefer spring over fall, or vice-versa, but I like the temperature somewhere between 65 - 75 F. during the day, and 55 - 60 at night. I really hate hot weather, though - it turns me into a total zombie.
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I consider Spring and Fall to be the inbetween type of weather. Fall is my favorite time of the year, followed by Spring. My favorite temps are between 75 and 80. I don't like it hotter and I don't like it much cooler, either. So, I'm and in between person.
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TNCatFancier, you just described San Diego's mean temperatures. That's why I live here, plus it's beautiful, the people are nice, and hubby is here. But you get aclimated and even small temperature changes can feel much colder or hotter than they actually are.

Right now it's 70 and it feels really cold to me.
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It's kinda silly to put inbetween... who really wants to be freezing or sweating? And even sillier to put neither because hot, cold, or inbetween pretty much covers everything .

It's finally starting to get a little cool here in FL, and I definately prefer it to the hot!
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Originally posted by TTMom
TNCatFancier, you just described San Diego's mean temperatures. That's why I live here, plus it's beautiful, the people are nice, and hubby is here. But you get aclimated and even small temperature changes can feel much colder or hotter than they actually are.

Right now it's 70 and it feels really cold to me.
It's pretty much the same here in L.A. also. I grew up in San Diego, by the way.
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I hate the cold, and I hate the heat. I like it where it's not too hot and not too cold, but being in Arizona, that doesnt even cut it.
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