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We have another cat now!

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We recently became owners of a new cat Well not new, but we found her starving in our back yard, so we decided to take her in. Shes a calicoish long-hair, and when we took her in they told us that the previous owners had spayed and declawed her. Shes really cute, and friendly, although she has a problem with people petting her when shes resting.
We'll see if theres anyone out there looking for a lost cat.
Anyways, just thought I'd let you know.

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Brandon good for you- she is an inside cat now right? With the absence of those claws a necessary weapon, inside is safest.
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Brandon, bless your heart for taking her in! You might want to check the Classified Ads on www.petfinder.com for your area and see if anyone has reported her as Missing, or you could always post a Found ad.

Best of luck with this new addition!
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Yes, shes going to be an inside cat only.
Ok, Ill check that out 10 cats.

Thanks everyone,
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Brandon, congrats!!! That's wonderful news.

If you need any advice on introducing her to your existing cat, there's a great article in the behavior section, here: Introducing Cats (to each other)

I'm glad you're checking to see if she's someone's lost kitty. But if not, I sure hope it works out! Declawed kitties have a really difficult time surviving without human help. The outside world is especially dangerous for them. I know your boy is an indoor/outdoor kitty, but for your new girl, it'd really be best to keep her indoors only.

Any thoughts on a name?
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God - I'm so slow at replying today, LOL!

Glad to hear you'll keep her indoors.
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I also would like to add to bring her to the vet for a check up to make sure she is ok befor you let her rule the hole house . Also for a safty reason to the other cat/s you may have . btw she sounds really cute to me . Thank you for taking her in and care for her .
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Thanks everyone. Yes we'll be sure to have her all checked out and such. For names, we are going to call her "Miss Kitty" because she responds to it. Mabye a formal name is in order too though, for special occasions.
Ill try to get pics of them both up someday soon. I have a digi. camera somewhere, I just can't seem to find it.

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