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1st vet vist, need pointers.

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This saturday I'm taking my 10 week old Reggae to the vet for her first checkup since I brought her home from the pet shop last week. Now, that initial trip home was no walk in the park! She cried and seemed so afraid. I want to make this next visit as comfortable as possible for her, so I think I'm going to get one of those plastic carries ( I just think it'll be better than the cardboard carrier that leaves her totally in the dark) But what other suggestions do you have for me? I was also thinking about not feeding her for a few hours prior to the trip so I can reduce the chance of her eliminating on the way there. :
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Actually for that young she is going to be stressed no matter what you do. You can get a carrier and a bottle of feliway spray and spray inside the carrier about 30 minutes before you are ready to leave. Give her plenty of bedding inside, throw in a toy or two that she can bat around to relieve her stress and cover the carrier with a dark cloth when she is in the vehicle.
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I find that the soft sided carriers are easier on bit cat and human. They're less cumbersome and thus less likely to get bounced and jostled unintentionally. Also, they usually have one side that is mostly mesh so the animal can see out and get good air circulation.

I would bring any paperwork that you got from the pet shop where you adopted her. I second Hissy's recommendation for a toy to play with, and a towel or other bedding.

Best wishes, let us know how it goes!
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Unfortunatly vet visits aren't easy on kitties (or people for that matter). I think a carrier will make it a little better. If you get a hard carrier make sure to put something soft in the bottom. If you have something that smells like home that can help relieve a little stress. You should do your best to stay relaxed as often cats can sense when thier people are stressed & that tends to increase their anxiety.
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