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For some reason my cat Sebastian has chronic gas. I swear to you it's like he thinks "ohh boy I've got major gas.. I should go love on mommy and until I can fart it all out".

He starts purring, and jumping in my lap. He has to be right near my face and he'll love on me and head bonk me a little. Then he turns around and lays across my chest and farts. Smelly doesn't even touch what this boy is! Phew! Pepe Le Pew would run from this boy when he has his gasious(sp) episodes!

It's ALWAYS me though. He never goes over to Craig and farts. It's right to me. Think maybe he's trying to send me a message?
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I don't know how. but LOL I feel sorry for you cass!
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Have you tried switching him to a premium or a different premium quality food. It's most like something in his diet that is hard for the poor baby to digets?
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Cass I burst out laughing when I read your thread, that is too funny. Sad too, come to think of it. But more funny.

I have no advice on gas, just sympathy.
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Oh, no!!! Stinky kitty cuddles! Maybe a close-pin for you?
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Seems like I read about this once, and it meant that he trusts and loves you. You are his person! I'm guessing he's a momma's boy, right?
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LOL! He is a momma's boy for sure. He is very independent and only wants loving on his terms and when he sees fit. When that love mood hits it's right to me he runs too.

I could do without the invisible but smelly gifts he brings with him though! I think in his past life he was a skunk... perhaps one that snuck over to MA's house and decided that in his next life being a cat would definitely be nice.

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lol so does my kitten Alley...the little stinker
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