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Snickers IBD update . . . .

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As you MIGHT know WE think Snickers has IBD but the Doc could find now physical evidence of it through blood work and so forth - YET - the symptoms were all there.

She did have a urinary tract infection that we are treating and were assumed IBD was in her stomach as she would projectile vomit food.

We stared to give her MORE fiber from these little capsules. 1/2 capsule a day in a scoop of Authority Senior food(she loves it).

And KNOCK ON WOOD - her tummy is making much less noise and she is not tossed breakfast,lunch AND dinner since Friday (the 1st day).

We have also noticed huge (man-size) poops. I'm wondering if her stomach was shutting down because of poop back up or it was just not converting the food? She would just bulge out and then explode before, now things are more normal, no bulging.

So far so good. Fiber is the key I think.
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I know for many owners, IBD can be such a struggle when you can't find the right food ingredients that will agree with your cat. Sometimes increased fibre helps improve fluid balance within the intestine, but for some it doesn't. Also, some people end up going to an all wet or raw diet. I'm glad your having success with the combination food and fibre.

Most alterations to the diet take 6-8 weeks to fully work, so I hope this positive trend continues for you and Snickers!
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Absolutely - I add Psyllium to Loki's wet food on a daily basis and knock on wood is has worked miracles.
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Thank you for the update!! I'm so glad that the fiber addition is helping Snickers. Hopefully once she's more normal, the poops will be regular sized.

I'm always watching for information for my little guys, so this was very helpful. I also add a little fiber in their wet food.
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