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Just have to say..........

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I only have 42 days left til my due date! And I feel pretty darn good! I have been so lucky this summer, it's been relatively cool, until Monday anyway, then it was realllly humid, and today too. But it's gonna get cool again. Sunday I was sorta hiking, and climbed to a waterfall to sit under it. And today I was playing a bit of basket ball with my neighbor. Nothing major, just shooting the hoops, no running involved. I've only gained 25 lbs, a major accomplishment for me. ( I gained over 50 with my first 2 kids!) Everything is ready, I just need this baby!
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I am so happy for you that everything is going so well and that you feel so good. I am quite worried about the last trimester but you actually make it sound like a lot of fun!

I wish I would gain only 25 pounds in this pregnancy. I'm afraid that with the several weeks of bed rest I gained about 8 pounds in the first trimester, when your only supposed to gain about 2 pounds I'm told I shouldn't go on a diet while pregnant so I'm trying just to avoid caked and ice creams and such. And I'm sticking to my morning walks so far this week (40 minutes this morning!).

I hope you keep enjoying it! Are you scared of the delivery? Was it easy or difficult for you in the previous times? Are you going to use anything for the pain? Sorry about all the questions... I'm just so curious about other women's experience with that.
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Anne, don't worry about the questions, it's perfectly normal. Even now, I love hearing of other womans experiences.

Also, don't worry too much about the weight gain, I gained a lot of mine in the first trimester too.

I am starting to get a bit nervous about delivery, with every child I've always been afraid of having to have a c-section if something ever went wrong. I'm also afraid because this is my 3rd it'll happen too quickly, before I can get hubby home and the kids dropped off and get at the hospital! Both my others were fairly easy, my 1st was the hardest, but my son was a breeze, I barely felt a thing until they broke my waters. With them both I used pain medication, demerol with my daughter and stadol with my son. If I wasn't so scared of needles I would have had an epidural with my daughter, but I am way to chicken. And I do plan on using some form of pain relief with this one if I decide it's needed. The best part about labor is after you deliver, while you may be a little uncomfortable for a few days, the pain is gone and you have a baby!
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I have 65 days until my due date. I can't wait! I am so glad you feel so good do you think you can share some of your good with me? LOL I have a 1 year old I run after all day so I get pretty tired quick. Good Luck to you do you know what your having boy or girl? I am having a boy.
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I'm so glad everything is going so well with both of you! Anne, I'm so glad to hear you're doing better and that you're not having to be on bed rest. It would be hard to stand the boredom of that, plus the worry.

Keezer, since this is your third, you'll have to let us know how difficult it raising 3 kids. I have two, they're almost 5 and 2 and a half. I thought I was done, sold all my baby stuff, but now I'm thinking about a third. But I'm afraid I couldn't handle it. I have lots of friends with 4 kids and they just seem so together. I'm not even that together with just two.

Also, with my first pregnancy, I gained 50 lbs and ended up losing 55! But, with my second, I only gained 30 and I've lost about 20 of it. I'm starting to think that after 2 and a half years that weight is here to stay!

Best of luck to both of you! Having babies is so exciting!
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I'm having a boy too. I have one of each now. Mine are 6 & 1/2 and 4 &1/2. After my daughter(the 1st) we wanted at least 2 more, but after my son we really didn't think about another. I had hated being pregnant with him, I was so uncomfortable. Then he started getting bigger and it seemed like it would be too much work to have a third. But in December all of a sudden we decided let's do it, it would be the perfect time before there was too much of a space between them. Plus both will be in school, giving me more time during the day with the baby, and time at night for them. I'm not that together with 2, it's hard to keep up with the housework, it always seems like there's either a child, husband or animal needing something, or making a mess of something. But what's one more little body to love? As for being tired, yeah, I am tired too, which is hard with the 2 kids, but I rest when I can, and if the housework gets a bit behind, I don't worry too much now, I just remember that I am pregnant and am trying to sleep for 2! And well the housework can be taken care of all the time when the kids are grown! lol!
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I also have older children but they do not live with me. I have a son who will be 11 on Monday and another daughter who turned 6 today. However my one year old lives with me. After this one I am done!!!! I can't keep up with her. I hope it is easy after I have the baby. I also get no help from my husband because he works 2 jobs and one of them is midnight. My daughter still does not sleep through the night. Do you have any names picked for the little boy you are having? I can't think of any that I like well enough. My husband says don't worry we will have one when it is time. I know what you mean about housework. It is so hard for me to do it when my daughter always wants to be with me. I do the best I can. My husband doesn't say anything he doesn't care. Well hell he's never home and when he is he's sleeping. LOL I guess he can't really say much.
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We finally decided on Logan. Before we found out he was a boy I was so worried about girls names, because I couldn't think of any I thought it was a girl. So after founding out he was a boy we had to think of boys names. We already have Halie and Ashton, so we wanted something different but not too out of the ordinary to kind of go along with the other 2.
My hubby usually doesn't say much when I get behind with the housework either. I work 6pm to midnight, so even though I'm home all day he knows it's usually too warm to do it during the day, and when it's cool enough at night I'm usually at work. The only thing he bugs me about is dinner.
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Oh Kezzer!!! Logan is a beautiful name!!!!!!!!
I am so glad you stopped in to tell us how you are doing....I miss you from the old "frappydoo" days!!!
Back in frappydoo, you posted a wonderful picture of yourself, I can still remember...could you post it here, in the Pictures, Pictures section so Anne could add it to our members gallory? (thats the section she puts all the members pics in)
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The only one I have is one of my whole family, is that the one you mean Debby? I too miss the old frappy days.
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Yes, that's the one I was thinking of!
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