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Kitty Question??

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I just got a new kitten, and I'm new to the whole cat world. I don't really understand that much about cats, but I'm learning. That's how I stumbled upon this board Can someone tell me why she comes up close to my face and sniffs or rubs her nose on mine or rubs my face? She does it mostly if I'm asleep. Is it her way of trying to wake me up?
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Actualy my dear thats your cat "marking" you. There are small glands in the nose area of the cats, and when they rub against you they're marking you with their paticular smell. It's them saying "Hey no one touch her/him, because they're mine.."

~ Salem
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I am sorry to tell you but your cat is plotting to eat you when your asleep

Just kidding, it's a sign of affection. She likes you.
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It is quite a compliment really. She is saying she trusts you and she marks you so "others" know you are hers exclusively!

Welcome to the board and a time of Kitty Kaos in your home! Are you sure you are ready for the active energy of a kitten?
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Welcome to TCS Your kitty is telling you...you are mine
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Ha ha ha! Not sure if I anticipated her being as active as she is, wowzers!!! But I love her. I feel so bad leaving her at home while I'm at work all day, but I try to make up for it when I get home and before I leave for work by playing with her and giving her lots of love and attention. I wish I could stay home w/her more though.
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I know how that is, Amber always wants to play before I go to work. She looks at me like, come on, lets play chase I play with her all the time, but I feel bad when I leave them alone. What's even worse, is when I back out of the drive and see my kitties sitting in the front bay window looking at me with those pathetic eyes. Looks like they are saying, don't leave us pleeeaaasse
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Thats a GREAT SIGN!!My cats do that to me too. Like SalemSmith said;theres glands and shes marking you as here fav. human!
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My furbabies do this all the time,Alley will lick my
nose sometimes
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It feels funny to me, so I normally jerk away. I hope it doesn't hurt her little feelings. She catches me off guard, like when I'm asleep. I also keep thinking, "but she licks her booty and now she wants to lick my face"
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but she licks her booty and now she wants to lick my face
I have a news flash for ya, her booty is alot cleaner than ours is
Cats are the cleanest animals around, just wash your face now and then. I wish my cats would do that.
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I have heard about the scent glands in a cats face. Another spot, is near the base of their tale. One of our cats will walk around and in between my legs rubbing her tale against me (and marking me that way).
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