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sevoflurane anesthesia every vet visit...

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Does anyone else have an unruly cat that has to be put on anesthesia every time they have to go to the vet? I have to take Mabel to the vet again today... and I know they will have to use the sevoflurane anesthesia on her because they can't even get near her to look at her without it. Last time they tried not to use it... and they couldn't do anything for her (she was limping) but I basically had to pay a large vet visit fee for them to do nothing except have my cat bite the vet and poop on the floor argh! I was just wondering if anyone else had problems like mine. From what I understand the sevoflurane anesthesia is one of the "milder" ones... but still... a 7 year old cat having to have it every vet visit worries me. I guess while I have her there I'll get them to go ahead and give her her shots and clean her behind
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Yes, my kitty is going for chemotherapy weekly and has to be sedated too although I'm not sure what they use. The chemo procedure is only about 15 minutes or so but they can't get him to cooperate for even that long. I wonder how many times you can sedate a cat before it starts affecting their health
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I have heard others on this board use http://www.petco.com/product_info.as...t2=Indoor&ct3=
You might try it. I have been lucky with mine. When they get to the Vet they act like little babies.
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Well, Mabel came out just fine. I asked the vet about it and she said that it's used in pediatrics and geriatrics a lot since it doesn't get into the liver or heart, just the lungs. They usually immediately come out of it with no wait time once its turned off. Thanks everyone for reading.
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I just took my kitty to the vet today. Sage is not bad enough to need anesthetic, but I DO have to be in the room helping and calming her otherwise my timid cat's fear agression goes ballistic. I think she has tried to bite when the techs took her in the back but I don't think she has been successful. So now the vet knows and does as many procedures in the room with me there rather than taking kitty away.

Do you have any vets that do house calls? I wonder if this would be less stressful?
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Well, it's actually not just the vet she hates... it's all strangers so making house calls would be just as bad (but thanks for the suggestion ). Many years ago my father-in-law played a little too rough with her and chased her around... ever since then she's very apprehensive of strangers.. males especially. It's actually somewhat embarrassing.. everytime someone comes over I have to explain that she's our "guard cat" and she's not running up to the stranger to be petted but to sniff and growl

Oddly enough, she's the most loveable cat to me. My other cat Mynx is a big baby about going to the vets, but Mabel is always the one to get sick
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I couldn't help but think when I heard your story of the way my vet and his techs handle the ferals that I bring him. Unless they are really lashing out, he doesn't sedate them. His techs are used to dealing with these cats and have a great technique to hold them while he examines/shots/tests them. Does your vet have any experience with ferals? If he/she can handle those he/she can handle a lot of scared cats. I'm finding out that the country vets are more likely to handle ferals than a lot of city vets. Just a thought.
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