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DeDe (Pic)

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Here is DeDe see where she is on my chair while I work. She is the nut of the house. She gets into everything!!!!!! I mean everything!!
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My sister in law's name is DeDe. I think yours is cuter!
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One more of DeDe.
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I also have a sister in law named DeDe. She did not like the fact that our cat has the same name. I told her to bad I wasn't changing it she had the name when I got her.
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What a beautiful baby!! Is that another one I see sneakning in the background of the 2nd pic?!! How cute they both are!! I have a Cornish Rex who is the nut in our house, he likes to "perch" on things too, (usually your shoulder.... :laughing: ) he likes to headbutt things too,.... hes a strange cat...

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How many Siamese kitties do you have? I see 3 in the 2nd pic, all beautiful too from what I can see...of course, aren't all cats beautiful?

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She's such a beauty
Wish I could post a pic of my mom's meezer but it's too large!
I love meezers!
Well, OK I'll spit it out - I love all cats
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A beautifull cat.I love her face, so expressive.
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DeDe is BEAUTIFUL!!! I will re-ask the question; How many cats do you provide a home for? All they all Siameese? Are they all female? Are they related? I'm just full of questions today. . . .
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Sorry I did not answer the questions sooner I was gone for a day. I have 3 Siamese and one DHS. My DHS is female and I have 2 female and one male Siamese. None of them are related. I am wating for DeDe to go into heat so I can have her spayed since we did not know if she was when I got her. She is now 7 months old and never gone into heat. The reason I am wating is the vet did not want to try to spay her if she was already. I don't mind answering the questions I love talking about my cats!
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Could the vet shave DeDe's tummy and look for a hysterectomy scar? Then you wouldn't need to wait and wonder.
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I guess he could I didn't think of that. He just told me to call after she went into heat and he would spay her. If she is not spayed why has she not gone into heat? I thought she would have by now. Are there some cats that just do not go into heat? I did not know of any but then again I am new to the cat thing.
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Dear Simon's Mommy :angel2:

DeDe is just adorable...I love her eyes, they're very expressive. I can see the others back there too Does she rule the roost there? My Opie rules here that's for sure

Love &,

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Dear Dawnt91 :angel2::angel2:

:LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL: You sly little thing I caught that! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Love &

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I heard that some breeds of cat mature later than others, can't remember which ones though. How long have you had DeDe? If it was just recently, its possible she isn't going into heat because she's already pregnant, just not showing yet.
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I have had DeDe since she was 3 months old. I have heard that to but then I was told it was not true. So I don't know what to believe.
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