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Getting another cat tree

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Since our kitty population has increased recently, we decided it was time to add another cat tree, too. This is by the same company that made our previous one, which the cats love and which is very durable. I am excited for the cats, for it to get here!!
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Sue that is awesome! Kitties don't even know they should be waiting impatiently.
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Very nice! Ebay? I saw one kind of simlar there a while back. Lucky kitties!
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I guess with that many kitties, another tree may be in order. Are we up to 18 now? (Mom of 10 Cats my patootie! )
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Yes, this is from eBay. The seller is aero_cat, this is the 2nd tree we've gotten from them. The first was a breeze to assemble, and the cats just love it. There is always at least one cat in it at all times, usually more like 4 or 5. There's no way I could get a tree this size and quality in a store for this kind of price, even with the shipping.
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Ooooh Im jealous! Thats on my wish list. I saw one very similar on ebay a while back too and decided it will be my next big ticket purchase. How fun for the cats!!!

And hey, you need to update your sig pictures soon I wanna see your 2 new babies soon
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So just how many cat trees do you have anyway?! I bet it's a true jungle gym in your house!! The new tree is awesome!
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Very nice I really want to add another cat tree to the house! Maybe after the holidays
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This will make three cat trees. What I like about these ones is that even my declawed kitties can jump from one level to another on them and enjoy the heights!

Yes, it is rather like a jungle gym here LOL. We have towels on top of all the bookcases, since they lay up there; there is cat bed on top of a file cabinet...of course, most of them want to sleep in OUR bed though!
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WOW! I have been wanting a tree but kind of shied away because of prices. I was kind of wary about ordering something so large from ebay; I wanted to order from a store. But if you recommend aero_cat, I think I will check it out.
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I love this tree! Can't wait to see the cats climbing on it!
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Thanks for showing this cat tree. I have been looking for a tree for our 3 inside kitties. It looks to be one of the better quality cat trees. Do you have a problem with it tipping over?
Hope I can win a bid and get it before Christmas, you know Santa is on his way and he doesn't forget the kitties at our house.
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No way this is tipping over, it weighs over 100 lbs I would guess. I can drag it but not lift it. And it is well balanced at the base, too. The cats jump from the top of the TV to the topmost perches and there's no swaying even! It is a solidly built piece of furniture! (This refers to the one I already have from the same mnaufacturer, it is a discontinued design.)

This is the tree we already have, on this thread:http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=24451
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We won a cat tree for our inside kitties this weekend. Now I am trying to find a place to hide it for Christmas. Looks like they will get their present early.
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I don't know which I want the most, a cat tree for my kitties or ROOM in our mobile home for a cat tree for my kitties! The hubby tells me if one of us brings home another peice of furniture one of us may have to move out to make room for it !
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