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I've switched Rosie onto the 'wood base pellets', but it's not as good as the clumping variety!.
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I switched from regular clay to World's Best Cat Litter (clumping corn, flushable, biodegradeable, renewable source) about 2 months ago. I definitely prefer the clumping litter. At first I thought WBCL was expensive, but the 17 lb bag ($17.99) lasts 2 1/2 months which turned out to be nearly the same cost as regular clay for the same period of time. My cat prefers this litter without the hood on the litter box. I scoop daily and do a complete litter box change once a month.

I tried Feline Pine, but my cat did not like it and chose to pooped everywhere but the box. I don't think she liked the texture.
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We started using SWheat Scoop about a month ago, it is a clumping litter made from wheat. I must say, it is rather odd and quite dusty (floury), but the pee clumps really hold together well. They are almost rubbery. The smell of the clumps is atrocious, but the litterbox always smells fresh once the clumps are removed. With clumping clay litter I always had problems with removing the pee clumps - they often would disintegrate before I got the out of the box.

The floury dust is a concern; I didn't notice it so much with my yellow and white cat, but when the siamese started using it I didn't quite know what had happened to him (after a couple of times I realized he was very dusty when he came out of the litterbox). The rooms that have the litterboxes in them are very dusty in that area, I am considering changing back to clumping clay litter, especially since I am not sure if it is good for the kitties to be inhaling all that wheat...
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Right now I'm using Arm and Hammer Super Scoop clumping litter. With two cats though it wreaks! It says that you don't ever have to change the litter completely again, but I do.

I just bought a box of Odor Lockers, because it looked good. All-natural, flushable, yet still clumping.

Anyone tried this?
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I am using Odor Lockers right now in one box. It is clumping, but it kind of resembles clay in a way. It's pretty much dust free, and smells nice. I like this over the other clumping brands, so far,
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I only used the one box of Odor Lockers, yes it smelled really nice but the clumps broke all the time. I hate that.

So, I'm trying Scoop Away Crystal Blend right now.
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I use Heartland wheat litter. It is clumping and flushable which I like.

I don't like Sweat Scoop; nothing against the litter itself. But I don't drive and it is hard to carry the package. The Heartland litter is in an easy to carry box.

I scoop once maybe twice a day. Try to wash it out once a month. It has been a long time since I completly changed the litter.
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I use clumping litter....it was what my cat was used to...I have a cat pan that has a scoop like filter with it, this makes scooping and changing VERY easy! My Grandma's cats prefer the non-clumping though. So, whatever works best for your cat(s) should be what you use.
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I use yesterdays News,,,,,I used to use clumping but couldnt stand the litter all over the floor that they would carry out on their paws, so I switched to yesterdays news and no more of that problem, also the poop is still scoopable and once a week I change the entire litter so it stays fresh, I also use yesterdays news litter in my ferrets litter box and my bunnies litter box,,,it works well for everyone and saves me from buying 2-3 different litters
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I use yesterdays News,,,,,I used to use clumping but couldnt stand the litter all over the floor that they would carry out on their paws, so I switched to yesterdays news and no more of that problem, also the poop is still scoopable and once a week I change the entire litter so it stays fresh, I also use yesterdays news litter in my ferrets litter box and my bunnies litter box,,,it works well for everyone and saves me from buying 2-3 different litters
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I use clumpig litter except from when I have small kittens at home. Small kittens have a tendency to eat everything so until they've learned not to eat the litter I put non-clumping litter in the kittens litter box.
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we use worlds best cat litter http://www.worldsbestcatlitter.com its clumping ...we use the multi cat formula it works great and doesnt bother my asthma like regular cat litter does.

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I use clumping. Well, if I had my way, I'd always get clumping litter. As it is, I still living with parents, and they're the ones who go buy the pet food and kitty litter. They go to the superstore to get it, so the pet food is always of the worst quality. (I'm going to ask mom if she's willing to make an agreement or something where, if she gives me a certain amount of money every week, I'll use the money for the pet stuff, so they don't have to get anything for them anymore). Anyway, they get whatever litter or food is cheapest, and if its clumping litter, I rejoice. If its the non-clumping, I mourn. Right now, one box is clumping and the other is non-clumping. The non-clumping stinks something terrible after the kitties use it, but the clumping litter smells awesome! (as far as pee and poo does, that is). Clumping litter is so easy to clean, and the other litter is just terrible. My only problem is Buffy likes to try and help me scoop the poop, so she's always reaching for the pooper-scooper right when I have a load on it, so she either tips it over so everything falls back in the box, or she pulls back, lets go, and poo flies across the room. Its funny, but frustrating, lol
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I use scoop away multi cats. There isnt much dust and Sam doesn't come out of the box sneezing his head off like he did with fresh step. I buy the 25# pound box because it has the odor control crystals. The bucketdoesn't have the crystals and its alot dustier. Even though its cheaper because you get 3# more for like 50 cents. I didnt think fresh step controlled odor very well either.
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I use clumping World's Best. Both our cats use it without problems. No problems for the humans, either
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I tried to save some money by using sand, it was cheaper. The smell drove me out of the house. Its clumping litter for us and Arm and Hammer kitty litter deodorant.
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I use Arm&Hammer Super Scoop, unscented when I can find it, though I don't mind the Fresh Scent and neither does Bella. When I refill the box I just sprinkle a little baking soda on the bottom, and sometimes if I remember I'll mix some in when I top off the box, too.
I convinced a friend to try the Yesterday's News for his ferret, and I was so impressed with the difference in odor levels I may switch myself at some point when I'm a bit more solvent
I HAD to get a cover litter box because I had a three-foot radius around the "framed" litter box that was, pardon the pun, littered with the clumping stuff. For such a little cat she's got great range when she's throwing that stuff! Thankfully, though, she uses the covered box w/the odor filter for her poo, and the framed box which is now on linoleum for pee, so unless you're in the bathroom with the box, you wouldn't even know I have a cat (unless of course, you trip over one of her furry mice!)
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I have tried a lot of litters in the past year (thankfully Samwise and Gandalf don't mind the change) and I always come back to The Worlds Best. I love the fact that it's flushable and they don't seem to track it all over the place and it controls odor pretty well.
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I use Yesterday's News (unscented, softer texture) I scoop about twice a day and change the entire box once a week. I don't notice any odor and Sash seems to like it.

Lisa & Sash
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I'm sure I'm going to sound like a terrible owner here but I use clumping litter with some crystals mixed in because I have 3 of those LitterMaid litterboxes for my 6 cats. I hate the dust. I hate the litter tracking all over my kitchen floor. But I like the fact that the litter boxes scoop themselves throughout the day, thus keeping the box cleaner for the cats.

What I really wish I had is some kind of hood to put over the three boxes to filter the dust out of the air as the dust does travel in my kitchen. One of these days I'm going to build a custom litter box container for the litterboxes with some kind of ventilation system built into it, but I haven't been that industrious yet.
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I use the Special Kitty scoopable, which I buy at Wal-Mart for my two cats. I wish I could find the unscented, but I haven't seen it there in at least a couple of years. I scoop at least twice a day; my fastidious felines inform me in no uncertain terms if they need to use one of the two boxes and it has already been used.

They also both like to dig to China before doing their duties, so no matter how much litter I put in the box, they dig down and urinate on the bottom. That means that the clumps break up. And one of my cats is soooooo fastidious, that if I miss any almost-microscopic clumps, he whines and whines until I change the litter. Yes, with these two I have to totally change even the clumping litter and scrub out the boxes every week or two. In the summer it is more like two weeks, as they are outside more and sometimes do their duties in the woods.

I've tried a few other litters, but haven't found anything better. However, I live in a small community and the selection is poor.
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World's Best clumps so well, it isn't a problem for us if a clump is against a side or the bottom. Sometimes it just falls away from the side/bottom if we move the litter around! At other times, it's "stuck" there, but it doesn't have to be scraped off--we just get it off the box and it stays in one clump. I love that stuff. It's worth ordering through mail or internet IMO!
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I just may try World's Best then. I think I have seen it in a neighboring town. As I recall it cost twice or three times as much as what I'm using, but if it lasts twice as long before having to replace, it wouldn't really cost that much more. And it would be less work - which I am all for!
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Great thread! I just wanted to answer a couple of questions that were asked. A kitten is considered a cat once they reach a year old.

With the kittens not being given clumping litter, if a kitten is very young (around 8 weeks or less), they should not be given clumping litter, as some kittens will try to eat it as part of exploration and learning to use the litter box. Once a kitten learns what the litter box is for and no longer tries to eat it, it is safe to switch to a clumping litter.
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I asked one of the workers at Petco about using The Worlds Best Cat Litter with my Littermaid and they told me it wouldn't work.

But then I went to http://www.worldsbestcatlitter.com and found this...

"WBCL is ideal for self-cleaning litter boxes. These innovative litter boxes add to the ease and pleasure of owning a cat--until they malfunction with gummed up, clumping clay litter. World’s BEST Cat Litter works perfectly in mechanical litter boxes."

So now I am going to have to try this litter in one of my litter boxes. I would LOVE to stop using clay litter. The dust drives me nuts and I'm quite certain that it isn't good for me or my cats.
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i use cat san, and its the best ive ever tried
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Well we have 20+ cats at any given time and we use the unscented special kitty from good old Walmart. We almost always have foster kittens so we do not use a clumping litter. They hate the pine litter, I found the box dumped on the floor and 3 piles of poop near it, I took the hint after that!
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I had a litter mad.. and the thing broke within 2 weeks! *kicks it* and apparently lest you keep the boxes they're not exchangeable/ the warranty won't be honored. now I have a high walled giant of a box, which would do good excepting paige digs towards the short side rather than the tall side, and throws all the litter out the entery hole.
Litter of choice is Tidy cat scoop for multiple cats...
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I absolutely LOVE Fresh Step clumping litter. I don't notice dust with it. And the litter pan is so easy to keep clean and fresh. I don't have odor problems with it either. I don't like any of the non-clumping, traditional litters. Way dusty and stinky.

I did try Yesterdays News once and it was ok... but I prefered to go back to the clumping litter.
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Our kitten (now 17 weeks old) started coughing and sneezing when I was using the clumping (clay based) litter. I immediately switched to a new clumping litter called Swheat Scoop (I'm not at home right now but it is either Sweat Scoop or Swheat Scent - as long as the "wheat" is there that's it!) that is made of wheat and is also environmentally friendly. It can be flushed down the toilet whereas the clay based litters warn not to flush. It can be a bit dusty if you are too vigourous in cleaning the litter pan, but if you shake the scooper gently it works fine.

I also add a bit of the crystals (like a handful) each time I scoop which seems to take care of any odour. Naturally if you walk in the room immediately after the kitten goes to the bathroom, you will smell it, but like humans after using the bathroom, the odour dissipates.

I've read articles where autopsies have been done on animals and clay balls have been found inside their bodies where they have ingested it by licking themselves and breathing in the dust. Once the clay dust enters the body it attracts the moisture and can form clumps in the animal's body. That frightened me enough to go the "wheat" route.
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