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I'm very glad this decision has been taken. I personally could never get the point of spam (maybe it's an age thing . . .)

I think this board is all about sharing information/experiences and building up relationships based on a mutual interest in cats, rather than a competition as to who could increase their post count the most.
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Last bump.....
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Originally posted by Coco Maui
I would like to thank you for cracking down on spam on this board. I have been posting on The Cat Site for over a year now and I only have a little over 1000 posts, because I read alot and try not to spam. I find that the post count here means alot pertaining to the knowledge of the poster. I know alot more about cats and this community than I did when I first joined. I have been well educated by members who post with care and concern for the well being of cats and the enjoyment of the community here.
Thank you and keep up the good work mods. Spamming is for other recreational boards, not this board that is informative and educational, and fun

Coco Maui
Thank you!!! That was so very well said!!!!!!
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Originally posted by hissy
Let's see if I can clear this up a bit. Because the moderators and Anne have been discussing this issue for so long, Spam has been defined as someone who has one-on-one conversations with someone else that are not meant to be helpful or resourceful, but to chat or to waste time. Spam is when someone will go into a thread, ask a question, and if no one answers, ask it again, and again, and again. Spam is when someone goes into different threads over the periods of months I am talking here, and posts the exact same response over and over again to different threads. Spam is not considered to be Daily Threads, emoticions used in moderation, games started that actually go someplace, road trips are not considered Spam unless they rove far afield.

If you wonder who is a spammer, and you think it is you- then go look at your profile and see what your daily average of postings are-weigh that against how long you have been on the board and that is how you tell a spammer. They even have names for chronic spammers, they call them post whores. These are people who will routinely hop on boards and start mindless trivial posts, say things that are not even close to meaning anything and all for the sake of driving up their posts counts and becoming a big deal. I have been here for a very long time, as have Debby and Sandie, Deb25 to name a few. None of us spam. I know everytime Sandie posts I read it. I am always aware of her vast knowledge and I appreciate that she posts. Those members we welcome, it the ones who think TCS is recess or a playground or a giant sandbox that this rule applies to. We know who they are and now this serves to notify them that their posts will be watched.

Those of you who have been here a long time, know that the admin and mods rarely get "tough" about anything. But on this issue, we have had enough. Most of the mods lead busy lives, they come here on their own free will and don't want to have to wade through a bunch of spam. It really taxes the patience.

I hope I have cleared this up for Everyone. We really just want this place to be fun, and informative, but we are growing rapidly so for that reason, the rules needed to be changed to adapt to that growth. Also I read an interesting study awhile back when I was doing some research. Some experts in spam study say that Spam is to some people like gambling is to gamblers.These people cannot help what they do, they do not think they are at fault and so they continue. That is why there are actually spam message boards set up where these people can get help. I don't know if that is true or not, what I do know is that Spam is a colossal waste of time to read and moderate.
Oh Hissy...that was worded so well!!!!!!!! I hope everyone will read this and realize we are not nit-picking (so to speak) we are just tired of the ones who try to "up" their post counts on purpose with mindless drivel...many of us have been here for several years...and have posted because we cared, not to up our post count, and to see people posting basically crap, over and over again just to better their post count in a matter of a few months is just very sad and should not be allowed. I think it is rather disrespectful to those of us who really earn our post count.

'Nuff said...let's have fun here.
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