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new Peppercorn photos

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Took these a few hours ago of Pepper up on his cat tree. I have just been so enthralled with him lately, I can't stop scooping him up and telling him how handsome he is!

(Oh, Peppercorn is his full name, and Pepper is just for short. I don't think I've ever mentioned that on TCS though )

And these are from a few months ago when we still let him outside. When I drove in the driveway one day he ran and jumped on the car to greet me and since I always have my camera with me I got these shots!

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LOL--the floating cat! I still say he's extraordinarily handsome.
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What a HANDSOME boy!! Great shots, he looks so happy greeting you when you came home.
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Pepper is so beautiful
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Pepper is so gorgeous! I love his white whiskers in contrast to his dark face.
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he's a beautiful cat that knows how to strike a pose
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I love these pictures and Pepper is awesome!!
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Peppercorn sure is a handsom guy! He looks so Masculine And those eyes in the third pic are so beautiful
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Oh wow... Pepper is so handsome! I love his little paws with the bits of white on them!
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Wow Master Peppercorn is so handsome He has very stirking markings and colors.
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He is indeed a lovely boy.
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Sunnni Jean, Once again they are awesome pictures!

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what a good looking kitty, looks like a big lover...
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Wow Pepper is stunning!
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Yay! I Pepper(corn)!

Nakita will be so happy when I tell her there are new pictures of him!

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Thank you everyone! I'm glad you all think he's as good lookin' as I do!
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Aww Peppercorn!
Love the pictures of him on the car - what a nice way to be greeted!
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He's Stunning! I love the floating pic.
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