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Is this a good idea ?

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Well I made a big "decision" today - hope it's going to work out.

On Friday I'm going to be bringing home a kitten that my Vet is trying to find a good home for. He's the last of a litter that my vet took in months ago.

I've been thinking of getting a new cat-friend for my cat Lucky since his own litter-mate and my dear companion Toby died a few months ago. Lucky is 16, so I had been thinking of an adult or even a senior cat. But I've seen his little guy a number of times and my Vet is so good, he and his team foster cats on a regular basis and normally he find homes for them really quickly.

So today the nurse, Vet and I struck a "deal" -- I'm going to bring home the kitten on Friday and look after him and see how he gets on with Lucky ... my Vet told me that if it doesn't work out and Lucky gets upset I can bring the kitten back and they'll be able to find a home for him.

I know that I need to introduce them slowly to each other - I just hope the generation gap doesn't cause them a problem. Any thoughts/ideas ? Any one out there bring a kitten home to an old/senior cat ?
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hey there, sounds like a good deal! my 2 cats were litter mates so no i havent had this situation, but my sister did, she had a adult cat and brought home a kitten, the only advice i give is this, and rem. cats react differntly, my sister never left them alone for the first few days, she took a few vac. days from work to be with them, the adult hissed and growled and was upset for about 4 days and then it was all over, they became good friends. so thats my advice, keep a close eye on them if you can for a few days, good luck..
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Thanks for idea about staying with them. I think that was sort of what I was thinking when I decided to bring home the kitten on Friday - this way we can be around all weekend, and on Monday at least Joe will be here. I'll let you know how I get on.
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I would also recommend a comfort zone plug-in and to use vanilla between their shoulder blades. If the kitten has had a blanket or something he has lain on that has his smell on it, bring that home for Lucky to smell and become acquainted with before Friday. If not, bring an old towel and rub the kitten with it, then bring that home. That might help a little.
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I agree that you are doing this the wise way. You have a back-up program in place if it doesn't work, though I believe it will work if you take it slowly. If there is anyway to set up a room for the kitten where only a screen seperates them instead of a solid door, that helps a great deal to make the introduction smoother.

Best of luck- are you ready for kitty kaos?
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Nibs was 13 when we brought Suzy and Samantha home -- they were 7 weeks old. He was a little disconcerted at first, but adjusted to their presence within a few days, and before we knew it he was "Grampy-cat".

You are wise to have a Plan B, but as long as you don't rush the introductions, you should be fine, I expect. You may soon have a "Grampy-cat" of your own -- it's a lovely thing to see.
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Fran what an adorable picture - it's what I hope for with Lucky.

I really appreciate the input - I wasn't sure if I needed to approach introducing a kitten the same way as an adult cat, but it seems that I should. I have vanilla in the house, and I do have a room for the kitten and I'll see if Joe can fix our old screen door up there.

I'm going to petsmart today to get new kitten supplies (I'll try not to go crazy ) and hopefully will find a comfort plug-in.

Hear you loud and clear MA on the Kaos - I think Joe and I may have the biggest problem adapting ! Neither of us has had kittens before only grown cats. So I've been reading about their little ways and hoping we can make a good home here for him.

I'll keep you posted, hopefully with pictures - thanks for all the advice I really need it.

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First time with a kitten? Oh, are you in for a treat!!
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