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Posting on Animal Abuse

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I was just on the front page of TCS, scanning thru the little scroll bar titles on the right side of the page and I saw this title for a thread: "Cat beaten and drowned in the sink", here is the link (this is not the only one, I am not trying to single out anyone on here, its just an example)


It really upsets me to read about animal abuse as it does to most people here. I was just wondering if at all possible of people could name the thread something like "Graphic animal abuse situation" or something like that instead of describing the abuse. I lay awake at night thinking about the specific abuse situations if I read about them. I sometimes read them but mostly try to avoid them. A warning before opening the thread will may help.

Thanks for listening.

Coco Maui
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We normally ask that anyone w/ graphic pics put the link instead of the pic itself, with a warning. The posts themselves though can depict graphic abuse.

The SOS forum is designed for people who want to discuss the abuse cases. The only suggestion I can give you is to avoid that forum if it physically upsets you.
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I ususally do avoid that forum but I scann the front page of the website where the scrolly thing is. That is where the titles show up sometimes
Thanks for the quick response
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I know how you feel. That scrolling on the home page grabs your attention and its hard to avoid!
All I can suggest is perhaps setting your browser to the forums page directly to avoid the scrolls. I have mine set directly to the forums so I can choose where I want to go.

Just thinking out loud here.
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Cocoa I agree with you. I wish they would just link the story instead of pasting the whole thing in the thread. It would serve the same purpose and be easier to surf that forum. Less hurtful to the heart.
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