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My cat is getting pretty!

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I have a confession to make.

Because my husband and I have pretty sick senses of humor, our nickname for Simba has been 'Bill.' From Bill the Cat, the character in Bloom County. Because when we took him in, he was scrawny and straggly, and his hair stuck out all over the place. He was pretty ornery and liked to bite, and was constantly yakking up hairballs. Just like Bill the Cat. We made that connection one day, and the nickname has stuck.

Well, I was just looking at him today, sitting daintily on the wood floors, and realized - he has gotten really pretty! He has put on some weight, and his fur has gotten smooth, shiny, and glossy. He also rarely throws up anymore, and doesn't bite as much. He looks (and acts) nothing like Bill the Cat anymore. Isn't it amazing what a difference good food and a safe place to live can make in just a few months?

I need to get a digital camera, so I can post some pics. I have seen them for just over $100 now; I think I will tell hubby that's what I want for Christmas.

I'm just happy he is doing so well, and seems and looks so healthy now, and wanted to share with others who would understand.
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Cool! I love happy endings!
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Awesome!!! Simba is probably alot happier now too
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Awwwwwwwww that is such a sweet story, poor baby just needed some TLC. glad to hear hes doing well...
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I got a good laugh picturing Bill the Cat!! I miss that strip.

It's great to hear that he's progressing so nicely under your care!! I know exactly what you mean. My Pixie was extremely thin and her fur was so dull and brittle and dandruffy. Just 1 mth later she's filling out beautifully, and I saw her by the window recently, and the sun was shining on her silky shiny fur. Just a kissy huggy moment.

Yes, must share pics!! Can't wait for you to get your xmas present.
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That's great that Simba has become the swan. I agree, he just needed some TLC to show himself.

BTW, for Bloom County fans....Berke Breathred (or however you spell his name!) is coming out with a new strip! Starts in Sunday papers I think next Sunday? He says it won't be political, but........
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i know how that feels suzy.. meow meow was so skinny and all, she looked like she was gonna be blown away anytime a stronger wind comes by... but now she's got beautiful fur and she's gained weight..she looks so beautiful now
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That's wonderful! I know how it feels too. Peaches and Henrietta were pretty unhealthy looking when I got them too. It was so cool when one night I looked at them and saw how pretty they were getting!
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It's wonderful about Simba.
Two of my cats looked miserable when I adopted them. Now they are happy and I can't even recognize them as the poor kitties they started out.
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