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Very cute behavior

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OK, I know I've had a lot of questions & some problems with my boys so I thought I'd share a couple of cute things they've started doing.

Jordan: Loves to fetch. It started out slowly, but last night I think I threw his sparkle ball at least 20 times before he finally got tired.

Levi: Loves to watch The Planet's Funniest Animals on Animal Planet. He watches all of it, but especially loves anything with rodents or birds.
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That's very cute.

Our kitten is big on fetch - she even has a routine. She sleeps with us at night, but she's up at 6am, dropping a toy in front of my face. Some days I'll wake up and I'll just find the toy there. She's very intent.

It's funny how dogs seem very indifferent to TV and two-dimensional objects, but cats don't seem to mind - the motion immediately piques their interest.
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Awe! I love when kitties do tricks! They are usually very intelligent, it just takes a little effort in training them.
Try teaching him the "jump up on the shoulder" trick. Start by putting him on the back of a chair and have him get up on your shoulder from there and make a "big deal" out of it when he does! The you can move to the floor and eventually he will jump from the floor to your shoulder when you tap on your shoulder! Try it and see if it works

Kitty tricks are the best!!!
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