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I Have A Question...

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My work situation has been very difficult lately. The previous owners went bankrupt back in May, the company has been in recievership since August, and is being managed by the company that wants to buy it. The sale of the buiness should have happened this week, but now it has been blocked by lawsuits filed against the previous management by former employees. This is an extremely stressful situation to have to keep putting up with every single day, and it seems like it will never end. No one is happy working there anymore, a lot of people want to quit, and everything is in total chaos all the time. I know I can't take much more of this. Is it better to stick it out or give up and look for something else?

P.S. The company that wants to buy this bankrupt business is a very well managed and successful company.
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I don't know if I can offer any good advice, but can certainly empathize. I was in a similar situation a few months ago - we didn't know if we were going to be shut down, downsized, bought and kept open, etc. It went on for months, and was very stressful. And it was very hard to decide whether to stick it out or look for something new.

I decided to start looking, but not to take a bad position in a panic. I'm a pretty big believer in doing the footwork, and then seeing what options open up. I got 2 responses to the resumes that I sent out, and one was a position that was absolutely perfect, in a very stable company. I took the new job.

If you decide to stay, can you think of any ways to manage the stress? That was one of the worst parts of it for me - everyone was so stressed out that it made it almost unbearable to go in some days. I think tremendous stress brings out (and emphasizes) some pretty negative behaviors and attitudes, and it is pretty hard to be around a bunch of really stressed out people 40+ hours per week.
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Originally posted by Suzy
I think tremendous stress brings out (and emphasizes) some pretty negative behaviors and attitudes, and it is pretty hard to be around a bunch of really stressed out people 40+ hours per week.
Exactly! People are even starting to yell at each other because of all the stress. And it doesn't help anything that my supervisor doesn't believe in complaining and expects everyone to keep things held in. I know that isn't healthy.
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It is always better to be looking before you NEED to find a job. At the very least, it hones your interviewing skills...

Best of luck to you!
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if you have been at this same place very long and it is a decent paying job and the new company looks like it might keep all of you, then i would try and stick it out, i feel for you because it must be terrible to be under this kind of stress all day, but in the long run it could end up being worth it, go with your gut feeling on this one, i wish you luck and hope that it gets better soon for ya....
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I've been through several buyouts. When you're with the company that's bought nothing is guaranteed. Corporate life WILL change for you when the buyout takes place, no one can tell if it will be good or bad. I'd recommend start looking, but don't jump ship unless you can really see it's sinking. It's easier to find a job if you already have one (they figure you're employable) and this way you may just find a better job you'll love and decide to leave anyway.

Good luck!
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TTMom, they had us reapply for our jobs about 1 1/2 weeks ago, and my application was accepted. (This was before the pending lawsuits against the former management became an issue.) I know I will still have my job, and I know what the new conditions will be like, and I can accept these conditions.
but don't jump ship unless you can really see it's sinking.
I don't think it's sinking right now, but I also know that it could still happen.
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Lorie d. if you are talking about a nursing home,this is what I went through last year,we were bought out and they made us fill out new app.and after the buy out was final everything changed!They wanted to cut our hours and pay!Everyone (from housekeeping quit)and over half of the CNA"S quit,and 1/3 of the nursing staff quit!But maybe it will be different for you. Good luck.
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Sherral, yes I'm talking about a nursing home. I live in MN and things like cutbacks and downsizing are being forced on nursing homes by our state government, which isn't very supportive of nursing homes.

So now I'm really wondering...do you know what happened to the nursing home you used to work at? After so many people quit, was the nursing home forced to close or is it still open?
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I hope Sherral pops back to this thread (you can always PM her) for an answer. My guess is that it remained open. I know trained people can be hard to find in small communities, but so many people need jobs these days I can't imagine it would be forced to close because many of the people left for other work.

I've been wondering how things are going for you!!! It sounds like it's just gotten more and more stressful. I'm sending you lots of big cyber-hugs!!!!!!

I think you've gotten some really good advice here. There's no apparent downside to starting to look for another job. You can always say "no" if it is offered to you - but just knowing there are options out there might help relieve some of the stress.

And if you do find "the perfect" job? Take it. There's no way to know what will happen where you are - and just try not to feel guilty for leaving people you care for behind.

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Sorry,I didn't answer sooner,yes they are still open,even though they has some shortishes(SP),I don't think the care is as good as it could be.I hope your place handels it better than mine did.
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