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Flowerbelle was spayed today

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Well - her lungs were so clear last week, and she's got all of her adult teeth in, so the vet said we could go ahead and schedule her to be spayed.

We took her in this morning. Poor thing wasn't allowed to eat since midnight last night. She was a pretty good camper about it this morning.

She'd gained another two ounces, so now she weighs 3 pounds, 12 ounces.

Doc says everything went really well (and I love the way these guys spay - they just remove all of her equipment. Nothing left behind for something to go wrong with).

BUT...... there's more news.

Turns out the "blistering" in her left eye is probably a herpes virus. She now has antiviral eye drops (3 times a day for the next few weeks), a cream to remove the excess liquid (4 times a day for the next year or so), and 75mg of Lysine a day (which somehow increases the effectiveness of the antiviral).


She developed a skin problem on the side of her neck that we thought was a scratch that was getting infected. When the vet saw her last week for her last lung worm shot, he thought it might be a different type of parasite, and we'd know by this week depending upon how it developed. It didn't develop as expected, so he took a biopsy while she was sedated for the spay. We'll have the results soon (tomorrow? the next few days?) - but he now thinks it might be eosinophilic granuloma complex, which is apparently some type of allergic reaction to either some type of parasite, food, or frequently just an unknown source. I don't know how it gets treated - he had another surgery waiting for him, and we don't have the biopsy results yet, so we didn't keep him on the phone.

Good news & Bad news!

Poor little girl, she's been through so much!!!!!! But her lungs are still clear.....
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Poor little kitty! It is so sad how many physical problems she has had.

I'm glad the spaying went well.
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Awwww! Hugs for Flowerbelle! That's alot of news. Sorry about the bad news, Hopefully she will get better in time. But YAY I'm so glad she's spayed!

Hugs to you Laurie- I look up to you!
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WOW!!! She went thru so much. Shes a lil' trooper!Hang in there Flowerbelle!
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My god this poor cat has been through hell and back!!! You are such an angel for taking such good care of her

Hope she continues to recover fully!
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Oh - and I have to mention - this is the first cat we've had spayed while living with us inside! Spooky was still part of the feral colony when we had her spayed, as were all the females we've had spayed (though I'm surprised that most of the cats we've trapped were males).

Boog only stayed inside for about 12 hours before wanting to bolt, and Munchkin (now Annie) and Thanksgiving were outdoor kitties at the time. The only other one was Mommy cat (mom to Lazlo, Sheldon, Spooky, Tuxedo and Julius) - who never came back after being released.

So this'll be nervous-making when she comes home (tomorrow or Friday, depending upon vet).

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My poor little angel! She has been through the wringer too many times! She is in the best possible hands around. Loves to Flowerbelle!!
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Oh Laurie, I hope it ends soon for her! She deserves a rest as do you! She will be fine when she comes home, just set her up in the bathroom and keep the others away from her for 24 hours.

Does she have any type of ulcer on her mouth or on or under her tongue that you have noticed? That is one of the symptoms of eosinophilic granuloma that is usually due to an allergy and not the parasite.

Poor little girl she has really been through so much, but I can't think of more capable hands to help her through it than you and Gary!
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Aww poor little baby. I hope everything gets cleared up soon. Glad she finally got to be spayed and at least it sounds like the vet is on top of things!
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We appreciates SO MUCH everybody's well wishes for Flowerbelle! She is SUCH a trooper!

MA - There are no ulcers on her mouth - but the only parasitic references I've seen in relation to the EGC is allergy to fleas... but she hasn't been in contact with fleas since she was rescued back in .... July?
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Poor girl. Sending good, healing vibes her way, that she can be completely healthy!!

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Awww when does it end for you Flowerbelle?! Sorry to hear the bad news Laurie, but I hope she'll recover and be well soon. She couldn't be with better angels to care for her at least!
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sending well wishes to flowerbelle, i hope she recovers fully, btw, i read where she had herpes virus, my cats had that when they were kittens, and when blackie got older he had this red place in his eye, and the vet said it was from the herpes virus, she sent him to a eye specialist and he put him on 5mg. of birth control every 5 days, i was skepitcal at first but it cleared it up in about 14 days, he took it for 21/2 yrs. now he doesnt have to take it and the place hasnt came back, i wonder if it is the same thing your talking about???
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I am sending lots of get well virtual scritches to my litle kitty buddy Flowebelle.... I am glad she is spayed. I am thankful that she has You and Gary to be her Meowmy and Daddy.
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Oh my gosh, that poor little baby! I'm glad her spay went well though. She really is such a little trooper. I'll be keeping her in my thoughts.
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Oh, Flowerbelle. What a trooper she is, and what troopers you and Gary are. She couldn't be in better hands. I hope her eye problems and the neck sore are resolved soon-it's good to hear it's not another parasite! Give her a kiss and scritches from me...and hugs for you!
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Poor Flowerbelle... she's really a little trooper... may all her troubles be over and she can finally relax and enjoy a little catnip for a good while
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Poor little sweetie! The last pics were just adorable. She has really blossomed in your care.
It is so amazing to read your posts over the time since you came here at first. You 2 have really done so much good for all the cats that have come into your lives. You have really gone above and beyond what most people would have done, and I admire and respect both of you so much for it.
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{{{{Hugs Flowerbelle}}}}
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Poor baby! She just can't catch a health break! I hope that she recovers quickly!
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Krazy Kat2 wrote on 11-13-2003 at 12:18 AM
Poor little sweetie! The last pics were just adorable. She has really blossomed in your care.
It is so amazing to read your posts over the time since you came here at first. You 2 have really done so much good for all the cats that have come into your lives. You have really gone above and beyond what most people would have done, and I admire and respect both of you so much for it.
That is really sweet of you - as are everyone's comments about our care for the cats. But really, we couldn't help being born aggressive, anally-compulsive work-a-holics! ...and you know how one thing leads to another...

Besides - I really like your motto: "I refuse to tiptoe cautiously through life, only to arrive safely at death!"

Here's ours: "There are always a million reasons why something can't be done - you need just one why it can."

In fact - I should go add it to my signature.

....besides.... look who's talking miss "I rescued another one," LOL!
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Flowerbelle's doing "great" (mostly sleeping). They'd prefer we picked her up tomorrow.

Normally, I wouldn't let one of our kitties stay in the hospital if they didn't absotely have to. But she doesn't stress out there nearly as much as our other cats do, and all the staff love her to bits, so if she wants attention, she gets lots of it.

So.... I guess she'll be coming home tomorrow. It is a bit tight here with five cats, and if she didn't want to stay in the bathroom, no matter how cozy we made it, it'd be a nightmare....

No biopsy results yet.
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Oh Laurie - poor little Flowerbelle! She has been through so much and so have you and Gary. I hope she heals quickly. I don't think she would have made it without you two.
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