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Need Help!!! My Show cats have been abused!!!

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I need help!!!
I agreed to sell my Gr. Champion Irish Elysian's Midnight to a woman who agreed in return to show all my cats, and build me 3 cages.
She took Midnight, and three of my finest top show Cornish rex to North Carolina with her, to show.
Instead, she bred one of them, a dilute Chocolate calico as a KITTEN, without my knowledge or permission, and locked up the other two God knows where.
Rozey survived, thank God, and had 5 kittens, whereupon, the woman abandoned them, so two of them died of neglect. The rest, she took to some guy she had met only once at a single's bash, then abandoned them completely, moving out of state. He was supposedly told to deliver them to me right away, but instead, he held them ransom until she paid him money she owed him to help her move. She did all this without my knowledge!!!
I just learned about all of this!!!
He kept them in a closed, uncooled garage, and abused them horribly.
I have been demanding my cat's return from her for two months with silence as my answer, and now I just got an e saying that they are at a Vet's in NC. the male, Sweety, had green mold growing on his hair and skin!! They all have malnutrition, ringworm, coccidia, Kidney and urinary infections. These are the last of my line!!! I have been breeding Cornish Rex since 1968. I am a Very small breeder, only breeding when I have promised homes for the results.
And they are my best. She refuses to return my Champion, and the rest will be given to breeders tomorrow who will put them to sleep to keep competition away. There is a group of C-rex breeders who do that, called the "Pussy Patrol". I know, because I sold one unwittingly to a member , a gorgeous Blue cream, who prompty put her to sleep about two years ago.
Sweety is my Cattery Stud, Ruby one of my best Queens, and Rozey, the Mother of the 3 remaining kits.
I cannot take them home until they are completely healed, both me and my husband are totally disabled with compromised immune systems.
They need to be isolated so they can heal before they can come home here.
She is threatening to give them to the Pussy Patrol tomorrow, If I don't go and get them right now. I do not have transportation right now, or the money to do that. We are on Social Security. And of course, they will rack up $10 board per cat/kit per day, with whoever she gives them to, so they can then steal them legally, and then they will kill them to keep my bloodlines out of the pool, so theirs will reign. I will be unable to pay for boarding to get them out.
The Woman says she paid for Midnight, she did NOT. And she says "Oh, I have had a death in the family, so I am faultless, and my friend is sick, so I am faultless", to get sympathy.
Can anyone help me? Alva
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That amounts to blackmail and extortion. I'd get on the phone and call the police PRONTO. What they're doing is illegal.

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Talk to a lawyer.. this can be taken of very easily and quickly.

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I am in South carolina. It costs money to sue, and even to talk to a lawyer.
She not only did that, it is already done.
Some good news, a friend of mine stepped in and paid for another two weeks for their care. $672
That woman just sent me an E saying all of that, and then said she was going out of town, and Byeee, just washing her hands of all the dirtiness she just did.
She also told the Vets that they were HER cats, and not to release them to anyone but HER, and so they will not release them unless SHE gives them written permission.
P.S. If anyone wants to get a hold of me, my e is:
If anyone can help me legally fight this, somehow. This woman is winning. She has my Champion, and I have no way to fight her for her.
At least the cats/kits are going to be healed now.
I need someone who will pick them up at the vets and bring them home to me here, when they are ready in two weeks. They will also have to be shampooed before they come here, because I am allergic to regular cat dander, and they will be loaded by being so close to regular cats.
That is why I cannot show my own. Alva
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My first question has got to be to ask if you had a contract with this person? If you did then you it might not be hard at all to get them back, of course, your still looking at getting a lawyer unless you can scare them into thinking that you can get them in court. If you didn't get a signed contract, then it makes it much, much, harder.
It will of course all depend on the state you live and where the kittens/cats are now as many states differ in contract law.

To be safe, talk to a lawyer.

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Thanks, Ken. No, I had a verbal Contract with her.
I am in SC, and the cats are in NC
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Frannie is at this moment contacting a well respected rex breeder in our cat fancy to ask her about this "Pussy Patrol" you are writing about. Also, if you send Frannie a private message and tell us who has your cats we can try to help you - we both work in law and we also know people who know people, etc. I don't know why you turned your cats over to someone you did not know without a contract, but the point is if you have the cat's registrations and early vet paperwork, you can fax them to the vet taking care of them and prove they are your cats.

Also, I am not sure why you cannot bring them home and take care of them yourself. Compromised immune systems in humans are seldom affected by feline illness - the cats need to get back to you if they are as sick as you think they are. First proving with your paperwork and registration (if you were showing your cats, they have to be registered in your name and no cat registry would have changed the ownership of the cats without your permission) would enable the police to be called in.
It is probably easier to prove that show cats are yours than any domestics because of both the original vet work and the registration papers.
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Hello, Rene,
Thank you so much!!!
A friend stepped in and paid the vet $672 to keep them there another two weeks, so they will be completely healed.
I'll try to answer everything:
Since She showed my Midnight to Grand Championship, as she had promised, since she is a beautiful, clean, well dressed, prosperous looking Mecahnical Engineer, I had no reason to disbelieve her.
She came into my home, ate many meals with us, pretended to be our friend, for months. I thought I knew her.
I was horribly WRONG!!!!!!
I have Porphyria, so does my husband.
Our immune systems cannot take the diseases they have RIGHT NOW.
When they are healed, since I have been raising them for over 30 years, there is no problem.
I have a closed Home, I do not allow any cats to come in here that are ill, so that problem would go away.
I do not show because I cannot go out into the sunlight, and I am allergic to regular cats.
So her offer to show all my cats was wonderful to me.
In Two weeks, they will be completely healed, and then, they will still need to be shampooed and then dipped for ringworm before they are brought back here where I can calm them down from all the horror and neglect they have been put through.
I certainly DO have all their registration papers, and Past vet work on them.
If you could ask Frannie to contact me at:
dr_irish@bellsouth.net I will be glad to give her all the information I have.
I cannot afford to pay an attorney to sue this woman.
Remember, I said we are on Social Security and have a limited Income.
She knows this and is probably the reason why she is not fearful of retribution for what she has done to me and my cats.
SC attornies charge many bucks to sue anyone.
And Regards the "Pussy Patrol", a couple of the main perpitrators of it are respected Rex breeders, high up in the hierchy.
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Again, I strongly urge you to fax your paperwork to the police and to the vet who has your cats. It sounds like they are going to release them to you since the bill has been paid? I know that Frannie is reading the posts as I am (she is in Las Vegas and I am in Connecticut) and I am sure she will contact you. Good luck
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Thank you, Rene,
I have gotten that taken care of. They should have already received it, or will receive it by this afternoon or tonight.
The woman was demanded to give permission to the Vets to release them to me (before my friend stepped in) and she refused, wanting them to be destroyed.
I was asked by CFA to make a formal complaint against her, and I am going to oblige them. With witnesses.
Thank you so much for helping me, Rene.
I was just frantic.
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You may want to research some lawyers in your local area. I know that many lawyers will work for you... and the only fee the will charge is a percentage of the money you win... if you win any money.. for damages etc.. and you'll get your cats back! So if this continues or even after you get your cat.. you might be able to look into it. Just a suggestion

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Hi, Cassandra,
That is an excellent suggestion, but here in South Carolina, that just is not an option.
Unless you have money, an attorney won't even look at you.
If they say they are members of a pro bono association here? They are fakeing it.
They just join to get the placque, they never actually DO that.
I have tried with them.
Even when they have made promises to represent you, say in an MVA case, like ours, at the last minute they can just quit for no reason and leave you hanging with nothing and no time to try to find another one.
We went to a guy here who is an ex JAG officer from Cornell, and we told him up front that we wanted to take this to trial, that's why we signed with him, because he said he would.
He's had our case for a year.
Now he is dragging his feet, and making excuses, when he had asked for big money from the insurance co and they rejected it.
They are all liars. Our time runs out in the end of August for that, my husband has to be fed, bathed, wiped, etc because of it, and we are left with nothing.
So I can say from experience that No South Carolina attorney will help us unless we have big money to give them.
I don't think this place is populated by Human Beings.
Look at the horrible Monster that abused my Cats. SHE is from here.
Please God, help us move from this horrible place!!!!
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