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No more spam!

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I sent in a complaint about spam in my email to my server. They are going to install something called Spam Assassin and said I can kiss my spam goodbye! Said it will take a week to get it going and it is at no charge!
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Oh I wish my email server(Xtra) had a no spam thing. They sent us something in September saying from November the 1st our mail box would be spam free and then on November the first they sent us something saying now from the 19th of November. I really do wonder If life for me will ever be spam free.

Mary Anne, you must tell us if it really does work.
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My IP are also providing this FREE as of November 19
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Yeah mine is going to be free as well

Spam really is outrageous. I'm not telling a lie when I say out of 80 emails yesterday 30 of them were spam.
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Only 30? I'm lucky, my email doesn't get hit much (just the Nigeria scam, workman's comp insurance, and I won the British lottery TWICE yesterday!), but Earl's does. He probably gets 50-100 spams a day and most of them are things neither of us want to see. He has a program on his computer that automatically deletes it, and we pay $1.99 per month for it. He's got so many email addresses (5, I think) that are with different providers (free ones and old ones), so the ISP wouldn't be able to block it all anyway.
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I've only gotten spam in my comcast account once in 2 years. Now my hotmail and yahoo accounts are different! I hate it.

Glad they are fixing it for you Hissy!
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Make sure you let them know if there are any emails you will receive vast numbers of email from that they aren't spam and that you want them. My company has been blacklisted on the spam list because we send out multiple emails to our clients and spam blockers see that as spam (ours are requested emails) and our clients usually have to do this. This isn't the first company I've been with that this has happened to either. It's even happened to my personal email and my Mom's email addresses.
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my lycos account is really good. i never get spam, and i've had this account for about 6 months. i probably just cursed myself.
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Hello y'all....I'm Coco Maui's fiance. I actually work in the anti-spam business...and have a lot of experience with Spam Assassin. Are they going to install it on the actual server, or put it on your PC? I've had a lot of legitimate e-mails get blocked when using that, so for the first few weeks I would watch out for people complaining of it getting blocked. Maybe have them set it up so anything it thinks is "spam" gets sent to another email account, so you can check and make sure theres no valid mail.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks Steven I will pass this on- that is good to know!
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Our ISP is adding spam filtering at no charge, starting 19 November, too. I'm pleased to note that the default option is that the message simply has a flag attached, identifying it as one that has been deemed to be spam. That way, two things can happen: 1. We can still see the messages and make our own assessment, and 2. We can set a filter in our email client to route those messages to a separate mailbox, rather than have them clutter the real mail.

I'll be really interested to see how accurate their spam filtering turns out to be. I don't get a lot, but I have noticed the incidence rising lately.
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Zack had to change his email address because the spam he was getting out did his quota everyday of Hotmail. He switched to Mailblocks.com!! Check it out!
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