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New Improved Website!

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I totally changed my website. Check it out! I haven't been able to add a guestbook yet so you'll have to go back when I do so I can have some siggies!

Tell me what you think! Purrfectly Purrsian Family
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Shoot... my url's aren't working when you click the pictures to enlarge them... back to the drawing board. grrrrrrrrrr!
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looks great and i love the pics of your babies
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Looks like I am in Persian heaven on your site looks great to me .
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Nice, you have some cute cats
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Not all the thumbnails are working yet. I can't figure out what is wrong. But I'll do an update in this thread when I figure it out.
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Hey, it's because you have the path wrong. For the first Jake picture your link says it's in a path with the directory Jake in it, but I found the picture in
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How did you do that?? So if I have it in both places will it create a conflict? Because I think I have it in both the location you found and the one it says it's in.
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With IE if you hover over a target you can see the URL it will take you to down in the status bar at the bottom. I just played with removing directories and found we have access to the directory above Jake and the picture is there. We don't have access to the Jake directory.
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I also do software support by trade.
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i like your web site, i enjoyed the pics. i could see, i love your kitties
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Wow thanks! I think I got it! There are a few that I have to fix because I had to rename them so they'd upload on the ftp site. So I probably have to take them off the wegsite and on again? Of course then I'd probably have to update the index file too.
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It depends upon your webserver software. The one my company uses you have to restart your web services, but I would think that one for private people is somewhat easier than ours.
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I'm just using a ftp utility and once I upload the files the site is available.
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Check your PMs MzJazz.
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Ok I think I got everything fixed! You should be able to go to my site and click on the thumbnails to see the bigger pictures! If anyone finds anything wrong, please let me know.
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Congratulations on getting the site fixed mzjazz. The only things I noticed on the website was that the picture left of "Links" isn't loading, and that theres a "My perfectly persian family" image way of to the right.
These might just be caused by my older version of Windows/IE.

anyways good job

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Thank you! It is best viewed with IE 4 or higher. Everything looks aligned to me so I hope it is!
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