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Yikes! Another Cat!

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We went to the shelter today to update the Petfinder listing and while we were there, a woman came in requesting to have her cat put down. It seems the cat, a 10 yr old spayed Calico named Victoria, has been vomiting every day. She is front declawed and is not good with the woman's grandkids. She specifically said she did NOT want the cat placed for adoption, she wanted her euthanized. She had not taken the cat to a vet to see why she was vomiting, nor had she tried changing foods.

Tybalt ended up talking the woman into giving Victoria to us rather than getting her put down. We are taking her to the vet in an hour for a checkup. We were told she is current on all her shots and FIV/FeLk negative. She has been around other cats in the past without problems, and has no litterbox problems.

She is a beautiful cat, buff and black and white. Will post pictures this evening. She is very scared, of course, and has quite a voice. We really can't keep her, though! Once we get some answers from the vet, I'm going to see about posting an ad for her on Petfinder to find her a furrever home. Meanwhile, if anyone here is interested, please email me! I am willing to transport her up to 2 hours away if needed.
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That disgusts me! Why in the world would that woman rather the cat be killed than be with anyone else. That is just sick, sick, sick!

Thanks for rescuing that poor cat.
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OMG ...... OMG ... how sad . Poor baby has no clue what is going on
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I know! I was in tears and walked out, but Tybalt turned around and went back in, and next thing I knew, he was walking out with a cat carrier in his hand.

She's got a patch of fur that is sparse over her left eye, back towards the ear. Looks like she's been scratching it. My suspicion: itching+vomiting=possible food allergy? She has no other apparent hair loss, will inspect more closely at the vet's.
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You know it boggles my mind. People get their cats declawed to prevent behavior problems and to stop them from taking them to a shelter, yet it seems inadvertently declawed kitties show up on shelters in droves......makes me very angry and sad for the cat or kitten who had to endure the process in the first place.

Please don't turn this into another declaw/vs claws intact thread. It's just me speaking what crossed my mind when I read sue's post. Sue I hope you find a home for her. My friend Penny only rescues declawed cats and kittens, but she is a lot more than 2 hours from you and she right now has 28 cats.
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OMG, 28 cats....we're at 19 now with Victoria here!

Bless your friend's heart!!!
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People like that make me really sick Gosh I hope she is not getting a other cat now .

I am so glad Tybalt did not loose his nervs in that situation , I know I would have walked out too absad . Or maybe choke hat woman . Thank you Tybalt for saving the baby .
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Thanks to Tybalt and Sue for saving Victoria

Wow that really does make me sad. I hope you can find Victoria a forever home.
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Just got back from the vet, who gave her a pretty complete exam. He gave her an injection of Centrine and we've got more to give her over the next week. (A vet website describes it as: Used in the treatment of acute abdominal visceral spasm, pylorospasm or hypertrophic gastritis and associated nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea.). He also wants her fasting for 24 hrs, then starting on Hills Prescription diet i/d. We're also going to start OTC Hairball treatment tomorrow. He said she looks and feels healthy, and if we hadn't told him she was having problems, he would never have suspected it from the exam.

She is NOT a happy girl. We were checking her for fleas and she got both of us pretty good with her back claws. (Owie, owie...) She has made no attempts to bite, which in a declawed cat is a positive sign. She is growling like she's a mountain lion. Poor girl!
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Oh geez, poor sweet girl, can you blame her - it has been a rough day for her!!! Roaring like a lion

Thank god you guys were there!!!!!!!!

You know that she'll realize that that you are the good guys, given time and lots of TLC. Some thing I know you will give her plenty of.

You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tori just is not getting along with there being other cats in the house, even if they are on the other side of a closed door.

We went over to the SPCA to update Petfinder this AM and had a talk with the manager there about her, and went back in the afternoon to bring her there. He is going to try to adopt her out for us, to a family with no cats and no small kids, and if the shelter gets crowded, he will turn her back over to us so we can try to place her elsewhere. I do trust this man, he is a goodhearted, decent person, and I know he wouldn't let anything "happen" to her, he will make sure she goes to the right home.

We are going to keep an eye on her, we're there twice a week, and one of the girls who works at the shelter is going to also keep an eye on her to make sure all is well.

I feel terrible, but 19 cats is more than we can handle, and also, she was very unsettled with other cats around. It just wouldn't have worked. At least we saved her from being put down needlessly, got her a vet exam, and are giving her a chance to find a new home.
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I know it is easier said than done, but you should not feel bad. You gave her a chance at living her golden years in comfort, instead of not living them at all.
There should be a special place in hell for people that so carelessly abandon their animals like that. She said she was not good with her grandkids, so she should just find her a quiet spot she could go to while the kids are visiting. It is more likely that he kids are not good with her. This would be a good chance for her to teach the kids to respect and be kind to animals, but instead she has taught them that cats are disposable. I would love to kick her right in the behind until it isn't fun any more, and my knees hurt!
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