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Mystery Shoppers

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Have any of you ever you been mystery shoppers? I've signed up with three companies to do this, but now I'm waiting to hear if they accept me. It seems like a neat way to get free meals and stuff. Anyone done it?
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Never heard of it......tell more!
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I worked security for Newberrys many years ago.
We walked through the store, pretending to shop, and kept a lookout for shoplifters, kept an eye on the employees and did quality control to be sure they were courteous and followed company policies.

Is that what you meant?

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There are actually companies out there that specialize in mystery shopping. They have people go to the restaurant or store and be a consumer. The idea is to check out the place and see how they're doing. Some places actually pay you a fee to be their shopper. Some places just reimburse you for your expenses. Personally, I'd love to have free meals and be paid to shop. If anyone is interested, I can post a few websites to look at.
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Do tell..........I also LOVE to eat out and would relish the idea of being a 'mystery shopper'..........super K/mart look out!!!!!!!!
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Here are the three I signed up for. Also, I was told you can do an internet search on "mystery shopper" and come up with even more.



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A good friend's mother used to manage a KFC, and they had mystery shoppers come in about once a month and eat. She would always get the report. Some of her bonus was based upon high scores from mystery shoppers.
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Well just as long as you all stay out of Baton Rouge with it. Especially away from Semolina's! That's where I work. Those shoppers make me nervous!! I do my job right but they are so critical, just waiting for you to slip up!!
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Dawn, Thank you!!! I added all three of those websites to my favorites, so when I have more time, I can go through and check it out!!!
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I'm looking forward to getting my responses so I can start shopping!
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