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Message to the board from Anne

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Anne just let me know and asked me to relay to you that she is finally in "proper labor" She has dialated to 2cm fairly quickly and she is supposed to lie down. According to her doctor, she could be having her son as early as tonight! But, then again the baby might have other ideas, but again according to her doctor she will have this baby before Saturday.

Anne I pray for early and easy delivery, no health problems with this little one when he finally arrives, and attentive babysitters to keep Ron busy and calm while you wait. Best of luck and all my love going to you and Issac-!
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You're in my thoughts, Anne. Hope you have an easy time.
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Sending prayers to Anne and her family!!!!!
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You are in my thoughts as well Anne!
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Anne. Sending vibes for a "healthy dan delivery"
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adding thoughts for a quick delivery and healthy baby!
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Oh my gosh!

Hope the delivery goes well for you Anne! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.
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Good luck Anne!!
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I am so excited! I hope everything goes well for Anne & her family.
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Best wishes Anne .
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Prayers for and easy and safe delivery ! (Yeah, I know, "easy" is a relative term here !)
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I hope that baby pops out fast, beautiful and healthy, and that everything goes perfectly for mother and baby
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Sending you good vibes on a uneventful and safe delivery of your son.

Good luck and hope he'll be very healthy.
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YEA! A new addition to the TCS family! Good luck on the delievery Anne!! Congrats!
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wishing you the best of luck Anne
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Adding my thoughts and hopes for a safe and uneventful delivery.
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That's so exciting!! Best wishes for a safe delivery!!!

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Good thoughts for an uneventful delivery!
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how exciting

My prayers are also with you and the baby
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Best of luck Anne
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More good wishes for Anne!
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Best of luck to you Anne! We are all thinking about you!
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Many thoughts & prayers during this exciting time! Can't wait to hear all about it!
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bump...no phone call yet...
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Am sending prayers and warm wishes too. Today is one of my family member's birthdays. I'm rooting for Anne's son to make his debute by midnight! (hugs)
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Good Luck Anne, hoping everything goes well and you get a healthy baby, Im excited for you, cant wait to hear all about your baby
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best wishes from singapore!
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Sending best wishes for a smooth delivery and recovery...can't wait to hear your new baby is here!
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Sending wishes for as nice and easy delivery as possible and a quick recovery!
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Good luck Anne! Prayers for you and your baby!
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