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Four lessons I've learned!

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Lesson 1: Don't have two females! They will fight like crazy. When I got Sally and Minnie, they were two cuddle bugs until after a few years, then they started fighting! Even after I got them fixed, they still acted standoffish to each other.


Lesson 2: Get them fixed as soon as possible. I didn't get them fixed until after they were 9 years old. Having them fixed as soon as they are old enough save them a lot of anxiety and it balances out their hormones.


Lesson 3: Never put a cat outside as punishment. One morning my cats were fighting, and I got peeved at them. I broke them up, and then put them outside to cool off. Minnie stayed in the back yard but Sally ran and hid for three days. I was heartbroken because I didn't know where she was. I was afraid that she would get run over, stolen, or attacked by a dog. She came back the third night, and I scooped her up and promised her I would never do that again! 


Lesson 4: Never assume that a lump is not cancer. Just after I got them fixed, they both developed lumps on their chest, which I had assumed were fat deposits. I didn't take them to the vet until they got larger. They both got operations, but the cancer had set further in and done it's mortal work. I lost Sally and it's slowly working on Minnie.

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Hello :) I also want to share my opinion on your lessons if that's alright.

Lesson 1: isn't always true :P There are many people that have 2 females in the same house and they get along just fine :) I have a Aunt that has 3 females in the same house and 2 males xD. But you are right. Generally 2 females together are more likely to fight with each other than the opposite genders or 2 males. It's strange that 2 males are fine together, but 2 females are more likely to fight with each other.


Lesson 2: I agree with more than anything in the world. Definitely get them spayed or neutered as soon as possible. It really does help with their anxiety, hormones, stress, and if you get them fixed when they are young it will prolong their life a little longer :)

Lesson 3: The strange thing about cats is they are different from many creatures. They don't learn by punishment like a dog will. If you scold a dog, it will know it did somethign wrong and learn from it, but a cat will not. The only way to teach a cat not to do something is to reward it for positive behavior, but don't punish bad behavior since they don't learn that way. For example if your trying to teach a cat to scratch on a scratching post and not on the couch. If they scratch on the post, give them attention and (or) treats. This will reinforce the positive behavoir and make them more likely to keep doing it. If they scratch on the couch, pick them up and put them near the scratching post.


Lesson 4: I totally agree with :) It is important not to assume anything is not dangerous and to take your cat to the vet yearly to be examined. Cats are really good at hiding pain, so it's difficult to know if something is wrong with them :( I'm sorry of your loss with Sally.


Lesson 5 is my own personal lesson I wish I knew: When your cat is young, introduce them to different texures (Chunks, Pate, and Shredded). That way they will be able to adjust easier to different brands. My cat is 8 years old and he never really had Pate style food. So it's almost impossible to get him adjusted to the Pate food because he will refuse to eat it since he is not familiar with the texture and he doesn't like it. :( It's difficult to teach a older cat to like different textures since they are set in their way and change can be difficult for them.

Lesson 6: Give them good quality foods when they are young. It's difficult to get a cat to eat anything other than junk food brands like Whiskas or Felix if they've been eating food like that all their life. Also learn a little about cat nutrition. I never knew Whiskas or Felix was bad quality food until I joined this fourm and I decided to switch over to better quality food once I did learn of them :)

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Oh blimey I feed mine whiskas and felix 1 is 9 and 2 r 11 wks old now im worried why is felix and whiskas bad for them
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Hello :)

That's alright, I didn't know Whiskas and Felix were bad until 6-8 months ago. I was feeding my cat those kind of foods for 7 years :( All of those supermarket brands are not so good.
First of all, Whiskas and Felix have loads of grains and wheat in them which cats are not made to digest. So it's really hard on their stomach and it's not good for them. They also have by-products which is horrible for cats :( By-products are very poor quality meat scraps like chicken heads or chicken feet. Basically things that are not edible and garbage. They also have 4% meat contenet minimum! 4% is extremely low and it's even less than that since it is by-products and burned ash. Basically Whiskas is worse than if all a person ate hotdogs, chips, and junk food for every meal. Sadly Whiskas and Felix are junk food and they are horrible quality for cats :( Believe it or not, brands like Hills and Royal canin are also bad quality for cats! They are barely better than Whiskas or Felix and they are so expensive for what they give.
I would be happy more than happy to recommend you some good quality cat foods if you would like :) Just tell me which country you are from. Unfortunately my knowledge of cat good quality cat food brands are limited to only Europe and the UK. But if your from the U.S., Cananda, or somewhere else, there are a lot of people on this fourm that would be more than happy to help you. Also the good brands are a little more expensive than Whiskas and Felix, but that's because they are not garbage. :)
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Im in the uk and yes id love you to recommend sum better food for babies thank you
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Sorry meant my fur babies my 2 kittens are 11 wks old and on felix or whiskas kitten food my friend has a 15 wk old kitten and feeds him adult cat food and gives him cows milk 2 things I dont agree on
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Originally Posted by sharon budd View Post

Sorry meant my fur babies my 2 kittens are 11 wks old and on felix or whiskas kitten food my friend has a 15 wk old kitten and feeds him adult cat food and gives him cows milk 2 things I dont agree on

It's good you are feeding them kitten food :) But for your friend, it's not so bad feeding the kittens adult food since the only difference is that kitten food has more carbohydrates (Calories) for cats to grow and a little more vitamins :) The giving cats cow (or any kind meant for human comsumption) is absolutely a no no :( One of the worse things you can do. Most cats are lactose intolerant which means they are allergic to milk. A cat's body is not made to digest cow's milk, so it can really be dangerous for them. It can even result to puking and diarrhea. It can lead to a lot of major health problems when they get older like kidney problems and more. If your friend enjoys giving them milk, I would suggest giving them "cat milk" It is especially made for cats to drink and it is lactose intolerant, so it won't cause any harm.

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Originally Posted by sharon budd View Post

Sorry meant my fur babies my 2 kittens are 11 wks old and on felix or whiskas kitten food my friend has a 15 wk old kitten and feeds him adult cat food and gives him cows milk 2 things I dont agree on

Alright :) I order from a site online called Zooplus. It is a really nice site since the prices are cheaper than if you buy the same brand in a super market, they offer free shipping above 20-25 gbp, and you can get a lot of different brands you can't in the super market. They also have a wonderful reward system. Like if you buy products, you get points which you can get other products for free with. It's really nice :) They also have wonderful customer service.


I'm not sure if you feed your cat dry food, but if you do, I will recommend some good quality dry foods that are also grain-free if you do :) It's important to get grain-free products since cat's are not able to digest grains properly.


For Dry FoosPorta 21 Feline Finest Sensible, Applaws Chicken & Salmon, or Orijen. Porta 21 Feline Finest Sensible is really affordable if you are on a budget and don't have much to spend. It is also really good quality. I feed mine the Applaws Chicken & Salmon and it's a huge hit :) But a little more expensive. Orijen is the best quality dry food on the market and it is pretty pricey. It's smart to buy the dry food in the biggest package you can have since it's a lot cheaper than buying a lot of smaller bags. Then store the food in a food container so it stays fresh for months and months.


For wet food: I would recommend any of these: Thrive Complete, Animonda Carny, Bozita Feline Tetra Pak or cans, Natures Menu, Lily's Kitchen, Catz Finefood, Feringa, Applaws Pate, Grau, and HiLife. All of them are wonderful quality cat foods, affordable and complete (, but Thrive can be a little pricey) :) I believe Thrive Complete is one of the best wet foods available and it really is amazing. It's shredded and complete. My cat absolutely loves Thrive complete and he can't get enough of it. If your cats hate the Pate style texture, Thrive Complete is shredded and Bozita is chunks. Miamor Ragout Royale kitten is also in chunks. I think the Miamor Ragout Royale chicken (kitten) is good, but I wouldn't recommend the adult version or the beef (kitten) flavor  since the meat content in it gets a lot lower :( So only the chicken (Kitten one) I recommend if you do go for that brand. Again buying in bulk and in bigger cans will help al ot with the costs.


How many cats do you have? I would recommend buying in only in 200 grams of wet food if you only have one cat. If you have more, it is fine to go with bigger grams. But 200 grams is good for one cat so the food doesn't get old to quickly :)


I know for kitten food, there is Miamor Ragout Royale kitten (Chicken), Lily's Kitchen Organic Dinner for Kittens, and Animonda Carny Kitten. Bozita also says it's suitable for adults and kittens. It's alright if you pick some of the above brands that are not kitten either since kitten foor only really has a little more vitamins and carbohydrates (calories).


My cat hates Pate, so it's not really a option for me. So right now in my rotation is Thrive Complete, Bozita, and Applaws Pate. He likes Applaws Pate even though it's Pate for some reason, but he will refuse any other Pate brand.


But what I would recommend is to check out the brands I listed and pick your budget :) I would pick 2-4 different brands to try and see which one's your cats enjoy's.


I hope I could help you out a little :)

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Thank you for your reply its helped a great deal I will be changing their food asap
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I was always led to believe that whiskas and felix were good foods but now I know different thank you so much
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My 3 babies sophia whos 9 and 11 wk old kittens ella and brodie
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Originally Posted by sharon budd View Post

Thank you for your reply its helped a great deal I will be changing their food asap

Your very welcome :) Also don't worry about it, I believe Felix and Whiskas were good brands as well. I even thought Royal Canin and Hill's were wonderful brands.


A lot of people recommend if you switch brands to do it little by little to avoid upsetting their stomach. They recommend mixing half of the old food with half of the new food to help the cats tranition easier to the new food :) I didn't do it with Mew though and he was fine, so it's really up to your decision.


Also the pictures of your kitties are absolutely adorable.

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