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Please Help! - My cat has a gas problem,

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When ever my youngest cat jumps into my lap for a cuddle, she brakes wind. All the time.

It never happens unless she is in my lap. It is really anoying.

Does anyone know how to make it stop?
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vonbert, what are you feeding this young cat? Has she been recently vet checked for parasites? Is she using the litter box without any misses? She could be eating to fast, cats are gulpers. Try elevating her food bowl on top of a telephone book, or something thick like that to relax her throat.
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I feed her royal canin and precept.
She uses the litter box correctly.

She has not been to a vet to get checked for parasites, she will go to the vet when she is 7 months old.
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Ohh and she eats like she has never seen food.
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I am unsure why you have her going in at 7 months, but gas can sometimes in indicative of another serious health issue. I would suggest you take her in this week and have her checked. The food you are feeding is high quality and unless you table scrap her, that shouldn't be an issue. But again, there could be an underlying health issue working and it is best to get that checked out first.

Good luck!
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The combination of gas and voracious eating sounds like your cat may have worms. I am also unsure why she's not going to the vet until 7 mths? Is that her next scheduled visit? Has she had all her boosters, then? It's ok to take her in earlier for a checkup to get a fecal sample, or just to get the pills for parasites.

If it turns out not to be worms, there are many other causes for gas.

- She may not be tolerating the food well, even though you're giving her good food.
- If you have changed foods recently, it may have upset her tummy, and will take some time to get adjusted.
- If she's eating too fast, she will gulp a lot of air. You know the rest.

Those are some of the more common causes. There are others, but if your vet ends up ruling all of those out, you will have a gassy kitty for just a while longer. One of mine was gassy with no obvious cause, and grew out of it a year later. Another gets gas when she sneaks food from the others' bowls, and the adult food is too much for her.
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wow I hear ya vonbert....my little kitty Blossom is the same way lol...she sits in my lap to get petted and boom....my eyes are watering, I'm gasping for breath and I am turning every shade of green imaginable!! Sometimes she will walk up to me as if she wants picked up...will stand and look at me and then run off....it's only then a few seconds after that 'I smell it'! Farts and runs!! It is as if she knows fine well what she has just done and finds it funny!! Little rascal!

I think I am gonna try the phone book with her bowl on top of it....for she eats like it is her first and last meal...you can literally hear her gluping and not chewing! and worse is when she is done that she will try to steal Daisey's food!
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