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Cancer Medication

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As some of you already know, my cat has a tumor in his tummy that has been diagnosed as a gastric lymphosercoma. It has caused heavy inflammation in his stomach, and the tumor is blocking part of the passage that allows food down. His stomach is slightly deformed, and if stressed, he seems to have trouble keeping down food.

I know stress triggers it, because it was over a week since he has vomitted, and then my brother came over to visit, and his visit stressed Mentos out, and he vomitted 3 times last night.

We are going to the doctor to get medication to help him ease through this final stage. We decided the surgery will be too intrusive, and chemo is not an option.

The doctor recommended 3 things. 1 is a anti-inflammatory for cats similar to cortizone, this should help settle his stomach and reduce pain. 2nd is a herbal substance (alternative medicine) that I think is the equivelent to hemp for humans, but I can be wrong, but it helps with the mood and appetite. Last is a drug called Trasfer-Aide, it's for animal cancer victims, and it helps boost their immune system to fight toxins.

Forgive me if I remembered the medications wrong, but I THINK that's what the doctors said, I only heard it once, and am reciting. At any case, I don't mean to pump mentos full of drugs, but given the location of the tumor, I want him to be as happy as possible.

Good news is, he was THRILLED to see me come back from my trip yesterday, we got a camcorder to record all his funny tricks and facial expressions, and his appetite is not bad. When my brother leaves he'll be even happier.

ANYWAYS, enuf background.....any other recommendations how I can make my kitty more comfy????
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1) Prednisone, a common approach (usually in combination with chemotherapeutic agents)

2) Could you be more specific?

3) Again, more specific? (I've never heard of this, unless you meant to refer to Transfer Factor plus, which I wouldn't recommend unless under direct supervision of your vet)

The prednisone should help increase the appetite and decrease inflammation, but small doses of valium or cyproheptadine could also be discussed with your vet.

Sucralfate can be given to help with stomach or GI ulcerations (and is safe with little to no side effects)

Reglan can be prescribed for nausea and vomiting. Please understand, that given the location of the lymphoma, nausea and vomiting may be a constant, so please discuss this with your vet to ensure any meds possible can be approached to help with these debilitating symptoms (including sub-q fluids if necessary, these can help with nausea, vomiting, dehydration that results). Pain may also be a potential at some point, in which you can discuss small doses of pain medications from your vet.

Since you are in WA, your vet can speak with the WSU oncology dept in Pullman and talk to them about your kitty's case, get recommendations for conservative and supportive care approaches/meds. Understand that owners often overlook many aspects of cancer/lymphoma and may not realize the various things that can be approached to help maintain quality of life. (supportive care methods and medications that can help alleviate symptoms, including diet, methods of feeding, pain meds, etc). Pullman can indeed send your vet a client fact sheet, or you can visit the following for in-depth information on pets with cancer:

Caring for Pets with Cancer ...use links on left to navigate......................Traci
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