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Ideal weight for 6 month old kitten

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I have an indoor spayed female DSH 6 months old. I feed her Iams kitten chow. I was leaving 2 bowls full for her to nibble on throughout the day. I started noticing her stomach was getting rounder & that flabby pouch flopping around when she runs. I weighed her 2 months ago & she weighed 4 lbs. Now she weighs 8lbs. I decided to reduce the 2 bowls of food to 1/2 cup in the morning & 1/2 cup at night, like the recommended dose on the bag. So far she doesn't seem to be eating it all and doesn't seem hungry. Am I worrying too soon about her weight?
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It is never to soon to watch the weight. Ideal weight for a cat is hard. It kind of depends on the breed and such. However the general cat will only hit about 12lbs. A round belly can sometimes indicate some worms but the flabby part you were talking about is too much fat. She may just be mad that her food is not there all the time. I would give it ahwile. The recomended doses on the cat food are pretty accurate. It is a good idea to watch the weight now. She will not let herself starve to death. I wish her well on her new diet..
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My cat started getting a floppy tummy too and the vet put her on a diet (she was only 5 months at the time). So I don't think its bad to cut down on the amount of food you give a kitten--its better than waiting until she has a real weight problem. Annie
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Thanks Sandi & Annie for giving your helpful advice about my kitty's extra poundage problem. Now I feel good about what I did & that I acted soon enough.
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