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I love sleepy kitties, occasionally mine stops too:
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I tried taking pictures of my cats asleep but they always wake up. Anyway, I managed to take QT so far.
NOTE:the tongue
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sleeping beauty
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Why you wake me up??????????????
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they are all to cute . Please kkep them comming .

This is Jasmine sleeping
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They all look so innocent when they're asleep!
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Precious pics! could not resit adding to the thread
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Phoebe: What a pretty girl and looks so comfy too

Here is The Sammycat That boy was snoring when I took this picture
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He's a little awake b/c I'm a noisy picture taker.

I love all your kitties!
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OMG Cubid is so cute in the blanked

All pics are great . I have to agree what most said , sleeping kitties are so cute and so adorable looking They are all to sweet and so pretty
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meow meow sleepy..
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Ahh, the life of a sleeping kitty zzzzz.....
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OMG Amber
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Amber looks too comfy
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Post pictures of your sleeping beauties
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bumping to merge another picture here
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Kat I just put your photo in the existing thread
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The Tag Team- look at how much Kahuna resembles Subee's Phoebe!

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I just love them so much when they're sleeping Saki especially He cant cause any trouble when he's sleeping
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Thanks Hissy
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OMG Amber....

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I love sleepy kitties. Makes you want to snuggle up with them......
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I can't resist putting some of my babies on here:

Neko and Doku as itty bitty babies (3 and 1 months old):

Taylor and Scooter:

And Onyx on his chair:
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For some rason maybe he thought this would actually be comfortable...??

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DuncansDad - Cats seem to find the strangest positions comfortable don't they. Though he seems to seem to think it is.

chixyb - They're all adorable.
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the only time roxygo can be considered "sweet and innocent"

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Nothing sweeter than sleeping children -- of any species -- but especially kitties...

Some sleepy Cindy-bun...

Are ya through?

And then Miss Fawn -- even blonde earwigs sleep sometimes...

What is it about sleeping on their heads?...

And what better place than in the sun?...

Snoozy "Soozy"...

I like to snuggle behind my Dad...

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