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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove

3BlackCats that was on sale by super-wal-mart here in town for $10.00 dollars as a dog bed . They had 2 there and I got both thinking that it would make also a great kittie sleeping bed . And I was right with that , thats one of they favored sleeping area in the cat enclosure and there is always one of the cats in each one .
A DOG bed! :lol2
Thanks for the info Hedi! I just love it!
Very cute picture!
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
Sue Tillie looks cute , she is the new cat given up by the owner right ?

No Victoria is the new one. (No pics of her yet, sorry). We got Tillie this past Spring after a post of TCS alerted us to her. Her human was going into a nursing home and Tillie needed a home. She's 10 yrs old and a sweet little lady, the Empress of our house.
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Ahhhh, a cats life

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OMG what can I say...that beautiful gorgeous face is just literally breat taking....I just want to smother that face with kisses
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My darling Scarlett.....
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My Stumpy baby - falls asleep in just about any place where he lands.
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Sue I should have look in your signature , thanks for answering me .

Bobcat those 2 picture are just awsome

and all the other cats are just as cute .
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I love this thread Here is the Sammycat taking a snooze on the cat tree.

He will pretty much sleep anywhere

Oscar taking his nap:

Mom go away with that flashy thing

Gotta love a sleeping kitty:
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What a sweet girl! I bought a package of "Mysterious Purr Pads" for the cats. The package says that it attracts cats, and they were right! Bailey loves hers. She's sleeping under the coffee table, having abandoned her former favourite spot, wherever Sam was planning to sleep.
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Blondie I like your pics , they are so cute

Sammie5 your kittie just looks so adorable on that mat . Where did did you buy this Purr Pad ?
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I bought it at PetsMart. They come in white and this new charcoal colour.

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Aww, how cute Tillie is! I love to watch them sleep!
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I found Purr pads at Walmart (2 in a box). Shep LOVES them!!
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Awww, I love all these pics of the sleeping kitties! Of course I must add some of mine!





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they are all to cute those sleeping kitties .

This is Mozart
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One more of Mozart
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I love all the new pics!!!! Sleeping kitties *droooooooling*
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More sleeping babies

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Yawwwwwn....stretch, more sleeping kitties!

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Great pics everyone! Aren't they little angels when they are asleep??
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Iggy and Lucy
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Here's a couple of the my girls Tiki & Echo. It's so hard not to curl up with them & snooze the day away!
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And another...I apparently woke them up with the flash!
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Sleepy Tiki!
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Saki catchin some zzz's

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Oscar using his foot for a pillow. What a sweetie:
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