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Sleeping Kitties

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Tillie just looked soooo cute while snoozing yesterday afternoon, we had to get a picture.
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ooooo she looks to peaceful! I love it when they are curled up like that. Loki does that too but he also put his little front paws over his face so you can only see his eyes.
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She was waaaay out in dreamland!
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aawww that's so cute!
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Awww Tillie!!

Here's my sleepy kids

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Sicy, love the streeeetch kitty pose Saki's in! Our little guy does that too! (We're pretty sure we know his new name now, Orion.)
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Tillie is precious!
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Awww, precious pic!
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Awwwwww... they are all adorable!! Sleeping kitties are so cute.
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At first glance I thought she had kittens that were nursing It is her feet!
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Awww sleepy Tillie!! What a cute shot!
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Tillie is an

Sicy.... Miss Zoey and Master Saki are soo adorable when they are sleeping
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I have tears in my eyes, I am so excited. We have had Bailey since last February, and although they are friends, this is the first time they have been in bed together. Sam looks a bit uneasy, doesn't he! I think they need a bigger bed.....
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aaawwww sleeping kitties , how cute .

Sue Tillie looks cute , she is the new cat given up by the owner right ? I think Orion is a cute name .

This is Ginger
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Here is Jezabel
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How about Mozart and Thailee
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Sleeping kitties are always so peaceful and even the terrors look innocent - referring to Kahu LOL
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I love sleeping kitties. Here are a few more

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I this thread!

Hedi, is that lion an actual cat bed or just a big stuffed animal? It's cute.
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Sleepy Nakita

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Kass - I can't get over how tiny Nakita is! Kahu is 22 months old and he weighs 8lbs.
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What cuties. Sleeping kitties have it down to a fine art - don't you just wish you could relax and snooze like that?
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Yeah, I guess 5.05 pounds is tiny! I think even Hissy's trips are bigger than her!

I'm so used to her being small, that I don't really notice till someone says something. But when we took her to the vet last week, I really did notice how tiny she was when I saw her next to other people's pets!

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OMG they are all just to cute . I love this thread , keep them sleeping kitties comming .

3BlackCats that was on sale by super-wal-mart here in town for $10.00 dollars as a dog bed . They had 2 there and I got both thinking that it would make also a great kittie sleeping bed . And I was right with that , thats one of they favored sleeping area in the cat enclosure and there is always one of the cats in each one .
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Kellye, Berkley is 5.5 lbs and she is 3 yrs old. The funny thing is her dad was a Ragdoll! Supposedly the largest breed of cats!

Here she is sleeping with Sasha when he was a kitten.
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Blossom was asleep until I creeped up with the camera....her fav sleeping place is the bathroom sink..can't imagine why....cats normally love more comfort lol

sleeping kitties are just the cutest....little angels and so adorable
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Ginger! OMG Berkley is tiny! I have this soft spot for tiny cats as well as BIG ones! They always look so fragile.
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Daisey's Mum,
Your kitty looks like she is part of your bathroom decorations. She matches perfectly! Maybe she sits there to enhance the look you are going for in there!
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lol....she does complete the room
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They both do!
It looks like you decorated around your cats
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