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Wa Hoo!!!

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Is this amazing?!

Look how AzCATs has helped the over-population:

Recent AzCATs Statistics

Number of cats sterilized by the end of October, 2003: 14,128

In October 2003 the AzCATs TNR program ended the breeding cycle for 252 cats.
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Is this a group that you work with? Please tell me more!!
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Holy Cow! That is truly amazing!

You deserve a blob-o-rama for that!

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Originally posted by Momofmany
Is this a group that you work with? Please tell me more!!
Yes! This is the group we volunteer with. They're wonderful. You'll have to check their website out. It will tell you all about them. I will PM you the link. Thanks!
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Lisa that is beyond awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Renae took the best celebration so excuse me for stealing it for a moment!

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Congratulations!!! Wa Hoo Indeed!!!!!!
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Lisa, that is fantastic!!! For anyone living in Arizona and needing help with ferals, AzCATs' website is www.AzCATs.org and there are many fantastic resources on there (even for those who aren't in Arizona. We have links up to their articles on Save Samoa.
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There is also a story about Bailey one of the ferals they rescued on TCS

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is truly, truly something worth celebrating.
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THAT'S GREAT!!!!! :flash:
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