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Just can't study

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I'm soooo worried,

I have major exams starting next week for my dentistry degree and i just can't seem to stay concentrated on my work

They're really important exams, but that just seems to make it worse, as when i start panicking i can't do anymore work

I have done a few days revision, but i've never EVER had this problem before. I just seem to keep finding other things to do.

Does anyone else ever have this problem, when you know you reaaaally have to do something but just cant get started??
Any advice? i'm gettting seriously worried now
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What I do is to get rid of all distractions. For instance, if you keep thinking "I really need to clean the house...", leave and study somewhere else (like a library). Turn off the TV and stereo, unless you need some noise to concentrate but then just put something on really low so you hear the noise but not the music.

Most of all RELAX!!!
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Gosh! This happens to me everyday! First of all, I just have to tune everyone here at work out unless of course, it is important. Just make yourself think about how important this is for you and your future! Also, don't try to do everything at one time. That was my major problem, I would try to do a whole chapter in one day. Break up your studying into a few weeks, if you have that much time left, and make sure to give yourself small breaks because if you don't you will be even more distracted. If you are married and have kids, make sure you have a quiet space to study, but most of all...divide the time with studying and your family. And of course, RELAX! You won't do yourself any good if you are freaked out about it. It may be hard, but all in all we all do well in the end when we give it our best shot! Good luck!!
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