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Wednesday Daily Thread

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Ohh after spending so much time sitting on the loo (I think it was last night's curry) I don't think I want to sit down!

Going to the gym this arvo, focusing on upper body weights and then walking 3 miles on the treadmill. I usually bike on my exercise bike - 30 miles a day is my goal, but Jake broke the seat and we have to go to a friends house to weld it back together. He is now banned from going near the bike!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Its so cold here now, I guess the weather is getting back to normal for this time of the year, and just when I was enjoying the warm weather!
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OMG!!! I just found out that there was a possible hostage situation at my hubby's old work, and where some of his friends still work!

Henderson County sheriff's deputies arrested two men Tuesday night in connection with a possible hostage situation at the Coats North America plant on U.S. 64 West.

Sheriff's deputies and Laurel Park police officers responded to the plant about 6:30 p.m., after a 911 call reported that a man in a vehicle behind the plant was holding a gun to another man's head.

The man with the gun was threatening to shoot the victim and to shoot police if he saw law enforcement officers at the scene, said Sheriff's Department Lt. Duane Cannon. The men were involved in a dispute over money owed to one of them, he said.

In less than 15 minutes, about 12 Sheriff's Department and police vehicles were parked at the darkened entrance to the plant, without sirens or flashing lights. Two Sheriff's Department vehicles were parked on the side of White Pine Drive, which borders a large field behind the plant.

Traffic flowed by the plant as usual, with only a handful of onlookers stopping to watch the scene from the edge of the Laurel Park Shopping Center, across the highway from the plant.

Shortly before 7:30 p.m., deputies arrested Mitchell Anders, 26, of Henderson County and John Adam McHarge, 26, of Jeter Mountain Road, calmly leading the two handcuffed men into Sheriff's Department cars. Anders recently relocated from Transylvania County, Cannon said.

As of late Tuesday, officials were questioning Anders and McHarge, but neither had been charged in connection with the incident. Both of the men had outstanding warrants for their arrests, Cannon said.

A third man, Stoney Bryant Reaves, 30, of Hendersonville, was questioned at the scene and later released, Cannon said. He was not charged in connection with the incident. They did not go into details about his release.

Officials are not certain which one of the men might have been a victim or which might have threatened another at gunpoint, Cannon said. The incident is under investigation, he said.

The incident might have been a hostage situation or a kidnapping, Cannon said. Officials are not sure who made the initial 911 call, he said.

A shift was working at the plant at the time. Detectives interviewed workers about the incident Tuesday night, but no further information was available.

None of the men works at the plant, and no one was injured, Cannon said. All three men were inside the vehicle during the incident, he said.

Officials at the scene said Reaves likely was the driver of the vehicle, a white 1970s-model Ford Bronco, and that Anders likely was a passenger in the vehicle.

Anders was taken to the Transylvania County jail because he had an outstanding warrant there, Cannon said. McHarge was taken to the Henderson County jail to face four outstanding felony warrants, he said.

Anders was charged with failure to appear and was being held in the Transylvania County jail under a $500 secured bond, an employee at the jail said Tuesday night.

McHarge previously was charged with two counts of obtaining property by false pretense and two counts of possession of stolen property, Cannon said. He also was charged with marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia after deputies found both items on him Tuesday night, he said. The latest charges are misdemeanors.

McHarge was placed in the jail under a $4,500 secured bond for the four felony charges. As of late Tuesday night, his bond had not been set for the misdemeanor charges.

The men told officials no gun was used during the incident, but they also told conflicting stories about the incident, Cannon said. After arresting Anders and McHarge and detaining Reaves for questioning, detectives searched the area for the gun they think was used during the incident.

A Valley Hill fire truck arrived shortly after 8 p.m. and provided a high-powered light for detectives using dogs to search the area. The dogs used are trained to find weapons, Cannon said. The search yielded no gun, he said.
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OMG Kellye!

It's raining here, supposed to get bad thunderstorms and heavy winds later this afternoon into tomorrow. I do have to head out around lunchtime for work. I think I fought off some sort of cold yesterday, felt LOUSY all day and still not quite right, but better than I was. Beginning the caffeine infusion....
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I'm off to the dentist. Yikes! I'm nervous, its a new dentist and I fear the dentist!
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Morning...it's cccccooooooollllllldddddd outside today
were suppose to get some more snow!!
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hubby and I sick with bronchitis GREAT! so hopefully my son will not get it but since I'm with him 24 hours and we eat the same foods from the same plate, ARGH! And of course, who is being 'mellow-dramatic' about it? I told him that I've had it every year, no big deal, but it's different for pregnant women...but no response...just the 'woe to me' syndrome LOL! Ah...men...what can you say or do?

About to eat some oatmeal to warm up this throat, major coughing episode coming up

Kiwi! That's freaky!

Hope everyone is doing great!
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Good Morning All.

My unform for school is still wet, So I'm going to school a bit later.

I'm hungry. There's yuck food here.

Have a nice day.
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What a day! I just got back to work from taking my lunch break at my new campus for school! OMG! So many people from my high school and middle school were there. I didn't say anything to anybody because it's been years!I got what I needed like the catalog on the school and a degree worksheet to plan my classes. But she gave me another degree option to chose from. But, the B of Art & Humanities requires 2 years of foreign language and I really don't think I want to do that!!! Anyway, I have to go back very soon and sign up for the 2 classes I want to take in the Spring...darn! Hope you guys have a great rest of the day!
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Kellye, I can sympathize with you about the upset tummy - something I ate for lunch is making me totally sick! I left work an hour early because of it...

Tonight I have to get my house ready for my mother-in-law's visit. Well, I have tonight and tomorrow night. The extra room tends to collect stuff until we have company, then I have to actually put stuff where it goes!

One nice thing - since we've been bringing in some new furniture, we have cleaned most of the floors in the house while re-arranging everything. So a bunch of the housework is already done. Yay!

I had a fun idea that I'm going to try to do for my grandma for Christmas. I would like to put together a photo collage frame with pictures of her kids, grandkids, & great-grandkids. So I send of e-mails to all of my aunts and uncles, to see if they will donate pictures. She loves displaying pictures of her family, so I hope this works out!

Hope everyone has a great evening!
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This day is just getting worse by the second...what was suppose to be a nice and peaceful evening has not been so! Apparently, I broke something off of the DirectTV box and I am getting blamed for it...I didn't know I did anything...I was actually doing him a favor. This is ridiculous. Still haven't eaten dinner, and I am just exhausted from this crazy day. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. Hugs everyone...sorry I complain too much
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This day started off the wrong end, but turned around...
I slept for so far to long, my s/o took our son and let me sleep, but I slept so long that I was still in slow motions, just took my shower and had "breakfast" and a bit of computer time when I was supposed to go to class a 2 PM So I didn´t go. Which is bad, since the teacher is very good and I can´t really read the books, and not beeing there taking notes takes me one step closer to not taking the final test...I also skipped class last monday, and this class is only 2x a week...

Tonight I has Tupperware demonstration and sold for over $ 500 which is great! I get 25% of that. Takes us a bit closer to be able to pay most of the bills this month

Since I was away tonight, I now have ER, CSI and Judging Amy on VCR to watch tomorrow! YEY - I love those shows!
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