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Going to try showing you some pics

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I haven't been able to attach pics before because mine are usually too big. I figure I'll give it another try. If this one comes out, it's a pic of my kids and dog, Daisy.
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They are so cute. But that grin on her face should tell you something. They can be so manipulative at times. I know mine was. I caught on real quick though. Even now she tries to play me and her father against each other. I just ignore it.

What cuties they are though. I'd give my right t*t for that hair.

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Your children are so beautiful. You sure are going to have
your hands full when they get older!! I'd keep an eye on your
daughter she is beautiful.

What a lovely dog also. :daisy: I just love that name.
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What a bunch of cuties. You must be so proud.
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You have a couple of beautiful children! I love your daughter's curls! Are they natural? It reminds me of my hair when I was a toddler. Anyway you are going to have fun keeping the lovesick boys and girls away from those two when they reach their teens!
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What beautiful kids! Your daughter has a smile that would melt the coldest heart. And, your son looks like such a little gentlemen. They're so much fun, aren't they? My daughter is now 22, my son 16, but I remember those days long gone and smile.

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Dawn!!! What adorable kids!!! Thank you for showing them to us!!!
I actually have a couple pictures of my kids (step-kids) on the computer from a year ago, they are of course a year older now, but let me see if I can get them on here.
I feel kinda bad....I have pics of the kids on the computer, but none of the cats! (yet!!!)

I'm not sure if this will work.....this is Brooke....a year ago, on Prom night with her date.
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OH MY GOSH IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!
I always thought you had to have your pictures on a website first to be able to download them into your posts, but I just have these pictures saved in my documents, from when I got my film developed and put onto a disk!!!! WOW! Someone told me to try it, but I didn't think it would work! Cool!!! Now I HAVE to get all that film developed that I took of my cats, and put on a disk, now that I know it is THAT simple!!! How cool!!!

Okay....Here is Blake, is barely 10 here, but he will be 11 next month. Pretty much looks the same though....this is the fish he caught all by himself!!
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Yes! it is Iowa!!! Right outside my house!
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