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I have one of your trips!!!

I bought a bookmark at Borders. It's so cute! It's just 7 cats sitting in a row, and one of your trips is on the end.

One of them must of snuck out for a photoshoot while you weren't looking!!

I'm gonna take a picture of the bookmark and post it so you can tell me which trip I have!
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Those sneaky Trips! Can't wait to see the bookmark. .
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Well I just took a panicked head count... They are all accounted for and hiding under the bed. That pesky skunk tried to come through the cat door earlier!! Talk about a smelly scare! I saw a nose that did not resemble a cat poking through when I was doing the dishes, and I screamed and it backed away. When I opened the door, it ran off- my scream caused the kittens to bolt under the bed. LOL Who knew I could scream that loud!
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Aw Mary Anne! LOL! That must have been a scare!

Cass, I can't wait to see the bookends!
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