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Mae is here!

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Hey Guys. My little Mae West is home!!!!!!!!

Well, at least for a few days anyway.

For those who don't know her story. She was a cat we imported from Australia in 2001, I think. We kept her and her brother for awhile alone, but she they started to get bored so we let her out with our other kittes but L.E May(Or Mae West) but she attacked them all. So we knew we had to find her a place fast, L.E has really good lineage so it needed to be a breeding home. Well Nana took her and, L.E called didn't get in season and now she's here to be mated by Danlara! I'm going to take some pics of her tomorrow, because I have only ever share one of her. She's a Tortoishell and she's gorgeous!

Can you tell I'm happy to have MY baby home!

Welcome Home MaeMae!

Hugs From Sam.
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Welcome Home Mae Sam don't forget her pictures.
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Welcome home Mae West. I want pics Hope you get your camera back soon!
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