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Here are a couple of pics of Mittens from awhile back...I feel like I should post some pics of him...even if they are a couple of months old....
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Girl it is about time you posted pictures of Mittens He is a handsome devil Love his glowing eyes, he and Oscar must be related.
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one last one....
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Yep, they are cousins!

I'll be posting new ones very very soon...maybe I can get some up tonight if Zack feels like it when he gets home...he is on his way home right now!! As soon as he called, Mittens jumped in bed with me and started purring like crazy...he knew his daddy was calling and wanted to talk to him!
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Aw Candie! He's gorgeous!
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Mittens sure looks comfy on the bed! What a handsome cat!
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he has beautiful eyes
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I love that first picture. PEEK! So cute!
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Thanks guys! I love him so! Zack just got in and he is all over him!!
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I love the last one, where he is looking out the window. I love it when they show the drumsticks!
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Pretty kitty!
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