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Al Franken for senate?

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Here is an article from today's Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Al Franken vs. Coleman? He's thinking it over

Published November 11, 2003 AL11

Sen. Al Franken?

Franken, the comedian and best-selling author and a native of Minnesota, said Monday that he's exploring the idea of moving back to the state to run against Republican Sen. Norm Coleman in 2008.

"It's a long way away, five years away," Franken told the Star Tribune Monday night. "It might be crazy. I might not be the best candidate. Part of this is seeing what happens next year and what direction things are going."

He has previously dismissed talk of political office, but Newsweek this week first reported the story of his possible bid for the Senate.

Franken, a friend of the late Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone, says he's being encouraged by his friends to run. Driving him as well has been his distaste for the Bush presidency, he said.

"I felt like after 9/11 this president had a chance. We were united in a way that I had never seen, and he had a chance to take this country forward in a spirit of mutual purpose and mutual sacrifice. Instead, he just hijacked it and used it to his own political ends.

"I do think this administration has been dishonest with us. And it feels like [Sen.] Norm [Coleman] does what this administration wants him to do," Franken said.

"Again, I don't know if I would be the best candidate but I do want to get that I'm the New York Jew who was actually raised in Minnesota," he said.

Asked to respond to the Newsweek story, Coleman said: "I have no comment. I don't do comedy."
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I would vote for him! In addition to being very funny, he is an extremely bright man and very politically astute.
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