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This is a really good thread to read through because it tells you more about the different people at this site. Also, for those of you not specifically mentioned, you're all included. This site wouldn't be the site it is if any of you were not here. This includes the mods, the power users, and the occasional poster. I get something from most of the posts and when I've been having a hard time (like this week) I spend a lot of time on the cat site because it makes me feel better. If I'm crying TCS almost always removes the tears (except the Rainbow Bridge part, won't go there). If I'm happy TCS always increases that happiness. I don't think it's just the fact that this forum is about cats, I think that it's the people. We don't flame and when someone rude does come on the mods are quick to correct that. Thank you so much to everyone.

Last night I got a lift from helping MzJazz. Thanks to her I got lifted out of the dumps last night. See? Anything can help.
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I agree with all that's being said here! There are such wonderful folks on here! I find I talk about what's going on with my TCS friends as if we know one another personally! Big hugs to: RHBarb, Purrfectcatlove (Hedi), Princess Purr (Val), Shell, Binkyhoo (who I haven't seen here in a while, where are ya?), Blondiecat,Superkitty, WellingtonCats (Sam), SylentRayne, Kiwideus (Kellye),Sicycat, Sherral46, DragonLady (Teresa), MJazz2u, JellyBelly and Kimward, and to anyone I've missed!

And of course Hissy (MaryAnn) for her invaluable advice!!!!
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Wow - This thread is very touching. Gosh, after wiping the tears from my eyes I am able to see well enough to post my thoughts.

I want to start by thanking Anne for starting TCS - I can't imagine life without this site and the friends that I have made here all over the globe. I want to thank you all for allowing me to vent nonsense, for supporting me through dad's Alzhiemer's Disease, for letting me whine about my surgery and my weight, and for allowing me to be a silly "Photoshop Head."

As special thanks to all of the mods for volunteering your time on this board. I appreciate and admire you all for being so dedicated! You are the best!

It was here I found my cyber sister Hissy. I want to thank you Maryanne for the checking on me when I disappear from the board now and then...thank you for lending me your ear to discuss "Family Issues"... Thank you for "darn near" holding my hand before and after surgery... for being the caring person you are. I thank you for your wisdom, wit and friendship.

There are so many people I want to thank and I hope that I don't leave anyone out. If I do, PM me and give me heck then I will rectify the problem quickly! ~grin~ I wish to thank Deb25, my Florida buddy, for cracking me up on a regular basis. Thank you Sicy (My Photoshop Tag Team Partner) for your friendship, talent and wit. Thank you Shell, Kiwideus (Kellye), Hydroaxe (Ryan) and Mom of 10 Cats (Sue) for laughing at my jokes even when they weren't funny As a matter of fact, thank you all for humoring me - mzjazz2u, Russian Blue, airprincess, sherral46, Kat8le, Valanhb, adymarie, Debby, Jellybelly -- I adore you all!
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Aww Kim thank you for your words and also your support. The connection that you and I felt upon our first initial electronic contact, has just been strengthened over the many months we have known each other. I see this type of "bonding" (for lack of a better word) on this board a lot. Between Rock&Fluff'sMom and Shell- Sandie and Debby, Colby and Deb25 and so many others. It cultivates friendships that explore strange new boundaries because of the fact that we can't meet at the local coffee shop share coffee and danish and watch each other's kids. But we meet here every day and we learn more about each other, and different cultures. Some come here intolerant, and learn tolerance. Some arrive with questions and get answers, some are unaware and come away with new learning. I have seen some who experience great growth, and I have seen others become frustrated because this board doesn't fit their needs and they turn away.

This is the best place to grow on the Internet. It is a place to meet and make friends, a place to cry, to laugh, and to learn. It is a safe harbor from the storms of life and it is filled with characters that would make a John Steinbeck novel pale in comparison. Used in the right way, and not abused, this board holds great promise for so many people.
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I would personally like to thank

MA- for being a great friend and giving me swats when I needed em. And for being gracious showing pics of the trips and her other babies. You're the best MA.

KateAng- For being my IM buddy.... You are very sweet. I just love hearing about where you live and about Meow and Boyboy.When my computer at home quits acting up. I want to talk again.

LDG- For sharing pics and also for updating us on my little kitty buddy Flowerbelle... Even though she is not my "kid". I still feel a special cyberbond to her which will never go away.

Kathi- Oscar and the Sammycat pics make my day. Whenever I am feeling down. I go and look at their pics and they make me want to laugh. You are the best kitty meowmy.

Sam- How could I forget my NZ buddy.....Keep up the good work. I forget that you are a pre-teen sometimes. And also stay in school and get good grades and you'll go even furthur. Also give scritches to your babies.

I have some more people that I would like to thank... But for the sake of time.... I would just like to say ALL of You have made TCS a great place to post and stay. I have been to many cat sites on the web... But TCS is the best. Thanks Anne!!
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I just now got to this thread. I would like to thank:

Anne for creating TCS for us.

Hissy for being so knowledgeable about cats.

The TCS Mods for all that they do.

Ady, Shell, Christy, Kellye and Sicy for being so good to work with in the IMO forum, and Heidi and Deb25 for their excellant guidance.

And everyone else for making TCS such a wonderful place!
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I too don't know where to start.

I want to thank everyone for their advice, suggestions, their friendliness, and to the the Mods and Administrators - A BIG Thank you for the board and keeping things running smoothly.
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