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Wouldn't you guys join me in thanking those around you?

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I guess I've seen many threads that are posted about how tough life is and a few of us are having break ups, unfaithful partners, lost of jobs and few unreasonable bosses. Everybody seems to be having a bad time at this time of the year...

Things haven't been smooth sailing for me either but I'll like to thank a few people who have made my life much more bearable during the trying periods...

I'll like to say thanks to all of you on the board who have been there for me, be it on MSN or sending me PMs asking if I'm ok with life or my personal problems. Thanks, Kellye, the two Pamelas, PollyAnna, Sandra, Jellybelly, Kev and so many of you. You guys have made my life so much more interesting and such that I look forward to the next day to come as quickly as possible such that I can speak to you guys again.

To all of you who are having problems in life in one way or another, I hope that your problems would be solved eventually. Everything has a solution to it. Do not despair... Hope is always around!

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Aww Kate, how sweet of you! I love chatting to you and MSN and so does Jake! You are a real sweetheart!

I agree, there are so many people here who have been wonderful and great friends. Thanks from me as well!

And thank you Kate, for starting a great thread!
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I'll second that! You guys are all the best! I don't know what I'd have done during my break-up with Alex if not for everyone here.

I was noticing that there seems to be an awful lot of frowny faces next to thread titles right now. I hope everyone can work through whatever the tough spots are that they're going through. Maybe 2004 will bring better luck for everyone!
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I wish to thank Deb25 for always having the ability to make me laugh. LDG and Heidi and Renae for being the up and coming feral experts on the board and doing such a wonderful job at it. For Kass who was my penpal and sent me the most delightful emails and cards during a time when I just wanted to curl up and die. For Colby for her honesty and diplomacy, Brocken for coming on board with such good solid advice for everyone, kimward for the phone calls and friendship and the funny GIFS and images, and Anne for giving me a chance and an opportunity to make a real difference, Sicy for keeping me on my toes and Pat and Amy for giving me an inside look at the other side of marketing. Really there are so many to thank so-

I want to thank all of you, as you are my extended cyber-family and meeting with you every day, peeking into the windows of your life that you leave open from time to time, gives me new insight, supplies me with courage, leaves me in awe, or drives me to tears. The humanity here, the laughter, the sorrow, the sharing, it all molds together to create one wonderful community of caring individuals. You all are the best, and I am honored to be here among you. I am also increasingly grateful to be a part of a great moderating team for all the mods are wonderful in their own special ways.
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I'm still so new here, but would like to send a general 'thank you' to everyone who has made this such a fun, friendly, welcoming place to be! I have never really been a part of a forum before, and getting involved here has really been a great experience!!
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I really don't know what I would do without some of you. I want to thank JellyBelly (Kim) for making me feel like Austin was my home when I visited! I want to thank Sicy, Amber, Cathi and Hissy for great advise and just being there when I needed someone to talk to, or just need help with something. Thanks Sam for also brightening my mornings by IMing! You are ALL so wonderful!

Kate....great thread by the way!Smiley here for you!!!
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Originally posted by Suzy
I'm still so new here, but would like to send a general 'thank you' to everyone who has made this such a fun, friendly, welcoming place to be! I have never really been a part of a forum before, and getting involved here has really been a great experience!!
Same here!
Thanks to all of you! Your are all great people!
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Awwww! Candie That's so sweet! Thanks for being my chat buddy!

There are way too many people out there for me to list, who have helped me an awful lot.

You ALL deserve a pat on the back. Love you all! and I love this place heaps!!!!!

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I'll jump on the bandwagon. Let me say that probably the biggest compliment I can pay is to tell someone that they make me laugh. So.....for all the times you have had me rolling on the floor, thanks to: Colby, MA, Ken (chapped or otherwise), Renae, Sicy, kimward....to name a few.

Thanks also to everyone in the Weight Control thread. You guys have been great.

To all the mods: those mentioned above and Laurie, Debby, Heidi, Sandie, Daniela, the Guest Mods, and of course, Anne...you are a terrific bunch to work with. Almost makes me feel like I am getting paid....(I said 'almost').

Sorry that everyone seems to be having an off year....'03 has been fantastic for me. Perhaps next year the balance of nature will return.

What a great thread idea. It's like an early Thanksgiving.
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Wow there are so many that I want to thank so please forgive me if I miss someone. Thank you Tammy(Mzjazz2U),Val(PrincessPurr),Deb25, Candie(Caprice),Sicy, Shell, Sam(Wellingtoncats),Margaret(3BlackCats),valanhb, Momof10cats, MomofMany,Adymarie, Lotsocats, Hermonie,Hissy, Kittywarden, Spideycat, Sandra,Kateang there are so many more!

Thank you for all being here for me when Dad was so very sick and when he died. Thank you for all of the support and shoulders that I have cried on in these last few months. TCS people are the very best! I love all of you I forgot to add HopeHacker, Thanks girl for all of your help
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What a wonderful thread. It's special to have a place where one doesn't have to explain why we think cats are special, especially the ones we live with, or how hard it is when they aren't well, how much delight it brings to find them a better food, a new kind of toy. I've not been here long, but I especially want to thank Sicy for her generosity in letting me use Zoey and Saki as models, Hissy for being an exceptional person to work with as well as a person whose caring and desire to support others (human or feline) shines through in every post, and everyone who's been supportive of me with my recent tough times with some of my kitties.
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Wow! Reading all that has made me so teary. No doubt that I am so far away from you guys but yet, we are so closely knitted and we offer a helping hand in every little way we could to support each other through the harshness of life. Life works wonders and it's gonna work for all of us here, I promise all of you here! Thanks to ALL of you here, you have been a wonderful bunch and I can see that we will have many years of friendship on the forum!
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Kate this is just a fantastic idea for a thread! It has me all teary too. I am quite honored to be included on any of your thank yous.

Like others have said, there are so many, I know I will miss a whole lot of everyone!

I want to thank Mary Anne, Sandie, Ken, Renae, Laurie, Anne and SO many others who generously share their knowledge about cats freely with us. I have learned SO much - I knew next to nothing about cats when I joined, and I can only hope that I help others with the knowledge others have shared with me. I learn more and more every day that I'm here.

I want to thank Laurie, Christy and Kass - our Save Samoa/SPA team! You guys are not only great friends, but also fantastic people to "work" with. Thanks for inspiring me to do more.

I want to thank everyone who participates in IMO, especially all of the past, present and future Guest Mods. And I also want to thank Amanda (RaggieMom), Lucia, Renae for keeping me on my toes and debating intelligently but respectfully with this hard-headed conservative.

Thank you to everyone in the Weight Control Support thread. Thank you to everyone who is working on TCS Cookbook (hopefully we can get it out before Christmas! ) Thank you to everyone who makes me smile here, which happens on a daily basis with the jokes, heartfelt replies, and of course the adorable pictures! Basically, thank you to everyone, because each person who sticks around here makes an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone here, and especially mine.
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I'll definitely throw in my 2 cents. You guys are a wonderful lot and were even there for me when I was throwing my pity party and missing my kitties. I've just been having a bad week and it's getting worse, but I know you guys will always be here and there will always be something funny or enlightening or just plain darned cute to help out here.
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I'm relatively new to these forums and at this time have only a vague sense of people's individual voices in the threads, but I've gotten a very strong sense that forum participants and moderators working together to continually build a mutually helpful and supportive environment, one that facilitates a tremendous amount of emotional warmth despite the extreme scarcity of actual physical contact.

Unfortunately, some of my experiences on some other forums (technical) have been soured by the noisy distraction of testosterone poisoning. In contrast, the forums here are a greatly welcome calm amidst the storms of the world. I first came by here while homeschooling myself about cats and animal rescue, but have since discovered extremely enlightened, humane, and noble attitudes not only about our animal friends, but also about who we can be as thinking creatures and our capacity to help make the world a better place.

I would like to thank those who have had the courage to bring difficult personal issues to the table by revealing their own struggles and vulnerabilities. And the sheer delight and humor expressed over everyday adventures and misadventures; they remind me that the ability to laugh at ourselves reveals not weakness but rather depth of character and inner joy.
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that is so true, Brocken!
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I personally have brought a few personal issues up on here. and I have gotten nothing but pure heart felt responses. That is why I brought then up on here. Because I know that all of you on here are very open and honest and straight to the point! I am really thankful for all you have done for me. I only hope that I can return it to all of you.

Thank you all of you!

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Im new here also, but I would like to thank everyone involved on this board! It's nice talking to all of you! I have laughed, cried, learned a lot new things, and have met a lot of wonderful cat lovers and their cats!

I want to send a personal Thank You to Cathi aka Blondiecat for offering to make my siggy! You did a wonderful job girl!!
You are a sweetheart! The girls and I appreciate it very much!
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I also want to thank everyone who has listern to me vent and scream! And to everyone who has helped me and my grandchildern!
And a speciel thank you to Cindy Ball.Hissy and shell,Sam and a host of other's.Long live The Cat Site!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I would like to thank PurrfectCatlove, mzjazz2u, and Debby for being so nice to me, and I would like to thank Sicy for sharing her beautiful photo's and her fun artwork, and for giving me a smile everyday.
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Kate, thanks to you first for this great thread idea ! I won't even name all that I want to thank, 'cause I'd forget someone, and then I'd feel bad, but each of you holds a special place in my heart for just being here and lending a helping hand, whether it be to me or anyone else that needs it. You're each special for just being yourself and doing what comes naturally to you.
Sherral46, thanks for the thanks, anytime you need me, just yell !(or PM, might be more productive) .
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Kate - I just read your post - am a bit slow these days - since they cut the tubes for the meat and two veg I am backwards in coming forwards -however, you dont need to thank me. I love the emails from you that we have shared and am still waiting for my post card from you that you promised - remember?? hint, nudge come on girl.
For me, this is the first place I look at on a morning, last at night where no one knows me bar what I tell them and its all the truth. Here I am not judged, am not ridiculed, I am just me and am allowed to be that. When down when my stepfather and Vicki died the same day - I sunk to a low, who picked me up - this lot inc you on line. When we all carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, how nice it is when there are people out there prepared to spread the load with us. This lot make the world that little better place to be in, there are a lot of others that could learn from us. Here race, creed, color, religion, what you had for dinner etc matters not (what did you have for dinner by the way?), its who you are. This site helps you get deep within yourself, explore feelings and allows you to express them and then realise that you are not alone.
The world became smaller cause of the internet, freindships were created and people like me were allowed to waffle too much. So you hang in girl and go and GET MY BLASTED POSTCARD !

wondering why people who live in huge houses have to have their functions in marquees outside? Its cause they like their excitement in-tents (intense).
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I just peeked at this thread for the first time. What a wonderful idea!

There are so many people here to thank. First of all I’d like to thank Lisa (houseofcats) who introduced me to feral rescue when we met years ago on another site. She is a true hero who is completely selfless in her work rescuing and caring for hundreds of feral cats.

I’d also like to thank one of our newest members, Brocken for giving such wonderful and well-researched responses to questions about cat behavior. I’ve tried to thank you for your input via PM, but was unable to. And I always seek out posts by Okeefecl, there’s just something I like about her that draws me to what she has written. The same with gayef. I wish she visited more often because she is one of my favorites.

The whole mod squad is made up of such smart, witty, and wonderful folks (despite Colby’s chronic state of chapness). I have learned so much from Mary Anne (Hissy) about caring for ferals and from her intensity, levity, and passion, from Laurie (LDG) about getting out there and kicking butt without the “victim†knowing their butt is being kicked, and from Colby’s (airprincess) humor and good taste in food and music. I love the fact that Heidi (valanhb) can talk about her conservative political views in a way that makes me sit down and think instead of wanting to turn off the computer. She and Laurie also do a great job of calming everyone down and making us think rationally about potentially touchy situations. Every time I see a post from Ken, I know I’m going to laugh and Sandie knows so much about cats and cat health that I have come to respect her knowledge more than that of my neighborhood vet. And, Deb is so smart and calm yet her wit and hilarious sarcasm will sneak up and grab you when you least expect it. Daniela is a vital member of the team who always has a great grasp of what is going on and I thank Debby for reminding me that there are genuinely good, tender-hearted people out there. Having a gentle soul like Debby around helps keep me grounded.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Anne. What an amazing lady she is! She is so funny, logical, passionate, calm.....if you take everything that makes people great and roll it up into one person, you will find Anne. The fact that she can do all of the things she does in her life while remaining sane just amazes me.
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Thanks again to everyone who included me.

You are ALL one in a million and I love you guys!

Oh this thread makes me gushy!
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I haven't been around much lately. I would like to thank everyone here who makes this a fun and relaxing place to be at the end of a crazy day at work. (I'm a middle school teacher, there are only crazy days!)
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what a great thread, i just love it here at the site with all of you, i say thanks to all for being my cyber friend, a special thanks to Sicy for all her help! and to Hissy for her good advice and to kev. for his quick wit that made me always laugh and to shell for her support, and to Anne for the chance to meet nice people like all of you!!!
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this is getting to be such a great thread... keep those thank yous coming in!
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Wow...I just happened to pop in here for a few minutes tonight & stumbled across this thread. It definitely made me feel really good to read everyone comments & was shocked to see my name mentioned. I actually brought tears to my eyes, but definitely happy tears. Lately I've been having a hard time with everything and I'm feel a little overwhelmed, but it's a wonderful feeling to come here and know that I have true friends here.

I have so many people to thank & I know I'll forget some...but honestly, I thank each & every one of you guys for everything you've done for me. You've boosted my spirits when they were low, you made me roll on the floor with laughter & you sent your special thoughts to me when I needed them. Thanks is not nearly enough to say, but I do thank you! Special thanks goes to Debby (my older Sis), Wellington Cats, Blondiecat, Pollyanna, Hissy, Sherral, Kat8le, Kimward,Valanhb, AirPrincess & especially Anne for her inspiration for this board.
I love you all & thank you for everything!
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Also TT MOM ,And a whole lot of other's!!!!
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What a wonderful idea.

I don't even know where to start, and wouldn't want to leave anyone out, so I'll just say thanks to all you wonderful TCS people for being so open, kind, and helpful. From getting important cat information to just stopping in for some comraderie or interesting discussion, it's all here - thank you!
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