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Hello! I'm new I have 5 cats they are all mixed breeds there names are Suger,Pinder,Bucket,Boots, and White face.Pinder,Bucket,Boots, and White face are Sugers kittens.


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My cat Muffy had 5 kittens about 7 weeks ago. We've nicknamed them all just so we know who we're talking about (we're not keeping them all). We have one girl who we call White Face. She's a grey and black tabby with a totally white face. Very beautiful too, if I do say so myself.

Welcome to The Cat Site. You'll love it here.
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Welcome Kimlyau

So happy you have joined us. Tell us more about your babies.
If you have pictures we would love to see them!

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Hi!!! I am so glad you have joined us!!! I hope you will enjoy it here, everyone is really nice!!!! Tell us more about yourself!
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Welcome Kimlyau!

I hope you'll like it here and post often!
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Hi Kimlyau! WHat part of Louisiana are you from? Hope you enjoy it here at The Cat Site.
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I'm from Donaldsonville,Louisiana.My kittens colors are 1 is calico,1 is white and yellow,1 is black and white and 1 is grey and white .And the other is calico.I will try to post some pictures when i get my scanner working.

Kimlyau :flower:
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Welcome to the Cat Site! I love pics I can't wait to see some.
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Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here! I look forward to hearing more about your babies and seeing pictures too!
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