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A Place to Shed My Tears

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A Place to Shed my Tears

Having lost my best freind, I began a search
A search for somewhere to shed my tears
I turned to freinds who turned away for they did not understand
I turned to family, they tried but had no words to comofort
Where would I go with all the pain in my heart
The tears that seared my face left those I knew uncomfortable
Then I turned to strangers
Who were these people I'd never met, others who had lost their best freinds
They did not turn away
They did not lack words to heal
They were not uncomfortable
Strangers became freinds through tears & sorrow
They cried with me as I now cry with them
I believe we will all meet someday as we walk across the bridge to the place we all hold fast to
Until we find that place we have a place to shed our tears together.
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This is such a thoughtful poem and one I completely identify with.

I found this forum in the early hours of the morning a few days after my dear little Toby had died. I'd been so upset and unable to sleep and finding this site and the crossing the bridge forum was just wonderful. And I too feel for everyone who posts here about their loss.

Thank you for putting the feeling into words.
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Very thoughtful, touching and beautiful poem.

Thanks for sharing it and putting this into words.
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very beautiful
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thank you so very much for this.
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That is extremely beautiful- I am glad you have found a place where you can unload in your grief. It does help knowing others have been where you now stand.
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Very touching.
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Sometimes the best comfort & strength comes from people you cannot physically 'see' or 'touch'. I'm glad you found this little corner of the internet to help you through such an emotional time.

Thank you for sharing these words.
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thats so tuching....
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