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Miracle Pill for Dieting????

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So hubby got on the scale today and has decided that he needs to join my in my weight loss efforts. Now, while I've been doing the Weight Watchers plan, and he says he can tell that I'm already losing weight, he thinks he needs a pill to help him on his way. He said he is going to start doing the WW plan with me, but wants something to "boost" the losing. He's always been of the mindset that he needs a miracle pill to make it work.

So anyway, we're going to go on the hunt for the perfect diet pill tonight, and I was wondering if anyone has tried anything that either really worked well for you, or something to avoid like the plague. I will not allow him to get anything with Effedra in it.
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There is no such monster. Try OA, it's drugless and it works if you work it.
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There is NO miracle pill for losing weight. Otherwise we would all be thin. Since I joined 3 fat chicks, I have had nothing but encouragement and I am really into it now.
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WTG Kellye!

Heidi, tell Earl to suck it up and do it the hard way. He will learn more about healthy living and be more able to make his weight loss stick. I can't think of anything easier than doing this together.
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I know there is no miracle pill. I think I could give Earl a placebo and he would rave about how much it's boosting his metabolism. It's definitely a crutch he has. I'm still counting a minor victory in that he has agreed to start counting points with me, and he *says* he is going to work out. I'll believe that when I see it, but I really hope he does.

Deb, I have drilled it in (even if only over lunch today) that unless he changes the way he eats it won't matter what pill he pops, he will just gain it all back and more. I hope it actually hits home this time.

I just don't want him to damage himself by getting that "boost" he thinks he needs. I also know that he won't do the rest of it initially unless he has some damn pills. Big crutch. I don't know if he thinks he can't do it on his own, or what his mentality is.
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This would be expensive and only temporary, but many people who take SSRI antidepressants report an initial weight loss when they begin taking the meds. (The opposite is true of tri-cyclic antidepressants.) The SSRI weight loss tends to level off fairly quickly however, and doesn't happen in everyone.

To take a cheaper route, tell him to try taking St.John's Wort. It seems to work on depression in a way that is similar to the SSRIs. So, perhaps it will help nudge him toward beginning a healthier eating pattern. Tell him that he has to take it a minimum of two times daily for a month and that he has to watch his food intake at the same time, in order for it to be effective. (Hey....a little trickery never hurt anyone!)
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Maybe buy some pills, switch the label with a label for a typical weight loss pill, and let him take those, thinking they're weight loss pills? Stuff like that is frequently mind over matter, so if he thinks they'll make him lose weight, he very well might, even if you just get him vitamins or something.

Yes, I know, I'm devious, but if it's that or Effedra or no weight loss at all . . . well, that's just an idea. I also like the St. John's Wort idea, that or some other herb pills.
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Be careful of St. John's Wort. It is a drug and can cause problems just like a badly prescribed AD would.

If you want something like find something that he may need. Is he pre-diabetic? You could try something like Chromium. The best, though would probably just to try some sort of Vitamin humans can stand a lot of and switch bottles on him.
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Viva had a good idea - take out the pills and replace it with candy that look like pills
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I agree with everyone about not relying on pills for the over all picture, but I do have to say that I've been taking some WL pills for a few months now. Honestly, I've all but stopped taking them. Looks like I'm losing weight with out them, so why not save the money?

I'm not sure if it's available in Colorado, but it is in Nebraska. It's called the Release Program & it's made by Reclaim. If you go to, you can read all about it & find out where to purchase it. It's pricey though. For the whole program (4 pills & protein shakes) cost me $140 but that's for a 3 month supply. My first month, I was totally disappointed in it because I hadn't lost any weight. But once I stopped drinking the shakes (???) & really set my mind on eating better, I dropped weight right away. So far, I've lost almost 40 pounds and I'm still losing. I think that's because I'm eating better & eating less amounts than before. Plus, I had cut out most of my soda intake (that's been increased in the past week or so...but I drank WATER all day today!). BTW, it's Ephedra free & I purchased it through GNC. I've searched GNC's site before & it wasn't on there. But they have completely taken Ephedra off of their shelves or anything that is "like" it.

Hope that helps you!
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Make sure he has an adequate Iodine intake.
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Hey Heidi~

Here's Earl's metabolism jump start. Tell him to start drinking water like there's no tomorrow.
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Well, he was not going to be dissuaded. So he got something, I don't know what. He liked it because it actually says on the label to stop taking it after 12 weeks and it's by EAS. Earl logic, go figure....
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If it gets him with the program and the 2 of you stick to it together, go for it.
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You could still sneak placebos into his diet pills!
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You know the father from "That 70's Show"?

Red Forman: "You want a miracle pill for dieting? How about picturing my foot kicking your butt!!"

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If they're were a miracle pill we'd all be thin
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Originally posted by brocken
You know the father from "That 70's Show"?

Red Forman: "You want a miracle pill for dieting? How about picturing my foot kicking your butt!!"

That is one of my favourite shows!
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